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Jim Rome, Jim Ryan, Steven Wrigley discussed on Dave Sinclair Lincoln and Ford Sports Open Line


In the world of sports the jay berman sports fla all right bill will start with face fall we're in the seventh fitting in new york where the yankees trail the raise five to three evan law goria has a home run sylvia's cory dickerson for tampa bay marlins derek dietrich homerun they leave the reds in the seven three to nothing jd martinez starting to heat up he has a grand slam tonight his twentieth of the year and the diamondbacks lead the cardinals four to nothing in the fourth inning meanwhile chicago battle for bragging rights they're on the south side tonight cubs and white sox in the six and the cubbies leader forwarded to have about the nationals this afternoon blasted the blues fifteen the to washington he ain't home runs how about the third meeting they hit four straight five at is six that's right that both of those are records nationals again beat the brewers fifteen two two in needs to one over the angels intimidating blue jays walk off winners over the blood x eight to four steve pearson walk off grand slam that's padres in the bottom of the first they are tied at one all right meanwhile tampa bay the rays were playing the yankees tonight acquired veteran lefty dan jennings from the white sox for a prospect they also acquired first baseman lucas duda from the mets for a minor league pitcher thirty or attention now to football davante booker out at least six weeks for the broncos so the team side steven wrigley meanwhile bears jim ryan pacesetter to gin reagion acquisition mike glenn in the starting quarterback jay berman this is jim rome five thousand dollars is on the line for the winner of this year smack off you're tomorrow borrow in twelve eastern cbs radio your home for the.

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