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Have a few minutes to run out to the golf course, is practice your short game. Yes, and hit a lot of putts at the You know my favorite thing and our friend Ben Crenshaw. His favorite thing is just staying on the putting green. And having little matches and competitions between you and your friends until the sun goes down a lot of days and that pays off When you're playing match play for sure. Can you carry that over to the round talk about your match play victory you you're deep in this Austin Golf Club is very, very great Match Play golf tournament involving all the members and there's some really good golfing members of the Austin Golf Club, including Ben Crenshaw off Sergio Garcia and others. Yes, Sergio actually played in this. It's a It's a two man match play member member. Of course, All the clubs have that kind of a tournament, and even our municipal courses have that. But it's just a way to keep your game sharp and you find out who the good competitors are. And we had. I think we've moved through to the finals, 16 matches and tested. Five of the six have gone to the 18th hole. So you better have your nerves, right? And you like I said, you've got to make putts. Yeah, you gotta mean that's the key. Even if you hit some bad shots and wayward shots in match play, you know, sometimes a par bogey wins the whole It's not. It's not all birdy. Sure you see on TV with the pros, right? It is not all birdies like you see with a prison where we've been watching the pros this afternoon at the Farmer's insurance open. At San Diego at Torrey Pines and just want to tell everybody. This is gonna be a preview of the U. S open in June. It's gonna be at the South corset, Torrey Pines. So you know for what it's worth, you will see the players playing well this week. Could possibly be among the favorites at the U. S Open at Torrey Pines right now to share the lead. Carlos Ortiz of Mexico. Ah, former winner on Tour One Down in Houston A couple years ago is tied with former Masters champion and tour bad boy Patrick Reid. They're both at minus 10 Ortiz had a sterling 66 today. Patrick Reed fired as 70 today. Two shots back or is a big group of players, including Sam Burns? Yes, I said Sam Burns. I could not pick Sanborn's out of a police lineup, but he must be really good because he's an end apart. He is joined by late Oh Griffin, Victor Hovland and John Rahm Victor Hovland entered today among the leaders, but he shot a 73. John Graham shot a 72 Adam Scott leads group at minus seven and that minus seven group also includes Rory McIlroy and Texan Ryan Palmer. Okay. The Longhorns. You're not having a good week. Doug Gim is I believe the only longhorn to make no dug him and dump him for telling both made the cut and they're both tied for 33rd. Doug Damn shot A 73 Today. Dylan for Telly shot a 71. And sadly, Scotty in the big story was the Longhorns who did not make the cut, most notably Scotty Shuffler who shot 65. 79 Mr. Cut by one. Also missing. The cut by one was Bo Hosler and Austin resident who shot 66 on Thursday and a 78 yesterday. Also missing the cut. Jordan speaketh 69 on Thursday and a 75 yesterday. Let me just say it's beginning to get and I like Jordan speech. Don't get me wrong. It's getting painful to watch Jordan play painful when he when it's going the wrong direction. There's nothing more beautiful than George speaks when he's got it going, But it was painful. The back nine yesterday because nothing was going right for Jordan speaketh. Yeah, and we we reported a couple of weeks ago that Jordan had gone to see Butch Harmon, but that was apparently The word we got from Geoff Shackelford last week when he was on the show. We're talking to him. One of commercial breaks. Apparently, that was just kind of, you know, Look, it look at me on the driving range wasn't a formal lesson or change of instructors. Jordan's still with Cameron McCormick. As he has been for a long time and boy, you know, I don't know He had a chance on the last hole yesterday if he hit a good weight shot not to put in like Phil did to make them back. But it's just not happening for joining. It's not happening and was, you know as you've talked about it and other great golfers talk about it. Something good's gonna happen. When something good happens. It may turn. It could be something during a round of golf. It could be something else. But hopefully Jordan speaks will turn this but right now. Golf fans. Jordan speech is not eligible for the Del Match play, Not even close. Really not really close. Yeah, it's too bad, but I think there's gonna be some players of that. Don't come to Austin. You know, quite frankly, I'm a not not a lot. You know, There's always five or six, though, right? It's not just the top 64. It might be 65 through 68 or 69, if if you hadn't decided not to play right Kind of interesting this week to while the field is good in San Diego, there's a lot of really good players playing in Dubai. They really it is and let me tell you what. Last week I had the A I A T vote. The final round of the tournament last week and European tour when Rory and Terrel Hatton were tied for the lead, and I watched it the next day, and it was entertaining. Carol Hatton is playing great golf right now the Englishman who's got what I would say I was a real sort of stiff swing. This guy is a dunk a junkyard dog. He's a competitor in the outduel Rory McIlroy to win the big prize last week, so give us an update of what they're doing this week. The ended by Paul Casey sleeping, he's 15 under par. That's the three rounds. So if you want to turn on the TV at 12 30 tonight, or tea bought like I did, Yeah, yeah, or just stay up late and watch it because it's that's really good. It's not. It's great golf. Yeah, Yeah. Paul Casey, who's pretty sure to be on the writer. Team in September for the Europeans. He's leading by one over Robert McIntyre. A very young, good player. Brandon Stone, Haiti, South Africa, Former Longhorn flight A longhorn let on the national championship team. Yeah, Brandon won. Didn't he win the tournament over the Scottish joke on the Scottish helpers ago down at Castle Stewart? I believe he won there. Yeah. Yeah. Was it at? Uh, Going wasn't going I think it was it going Take. It wasn't going. Yeah. Brandon Brandon can light it up. He's 13 hundreds just to back at a nice 66 yesterday. And then in fourth place. We got Lori Cantor don't know who that is. But Sergio Garcia, who has flown over to Dubai to play the next two weeks Now, the interesting thing is, Roy came back to the states. After finishing well. Last week, he came back to play in San Diego instead of staying over in Dubai for that little three weeks swing over there. How do you do that with your body while you get on a private plane to do these days like It's not like the old days, you know, going to Dubai. Dubai, London London Does Brandon Stone back but Roy McIlroy s o. I could tell you that for sure. Way mentioned the Del Match Play. Got a message from our friend Jordan up later. First of all. Congratulations, Jordan and his wife. Proud parents of a brand new baby boy. Why it Patrick up Legler Born this.

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