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For a privilege folk song writing. Thank you being on the show. Oh, yeah, great, good. You do it good to be here in LIPA. The new album is just fantastic collection of songs completely blown away by. Thanks, thank you. Yeah, I'm pleased with a, you know, really good time recording it and I join working with Greg, Gerston Ryan. Ted. Yeah, we laugh. You know is great. I was going to say, kind of brought to mind ram McCartney to. That's it. So it's like experimental five to in places. Oh, yeah. Oh, good. Electra didn't wanna just do to everything straight in all of the songs I had were pretty straightforward love songs or balances. Tofaeono report in a couple of were just little bit left field. A knows very atmospheric stations that you've got bookend in the album. Did you have those from the stars without part of the concept who later? No. No, really? It was halfway through that. I said, I think Egypt station might be a good title know the Greg liked to. So what do you think? You know, Egypt station you slightly pose looking. Great. And then I kind of explained that it was a painting and then I thought we might kind of make little soundscape you know, to do that. And then decide due to come off the choir swelling out of it, you know? So it was like I've relieve vision thinking film terms or most station other songs. So that was more towards the end once we had the title we knew. Okay. So what we're going to do will make you all take place to start in a station, and then we'll go through all the songs will be different stations, and we'll end over the nation feel that you going on a genuine. You hear that it's almost like all sorts of psychological trick on listeners in the end that source of over Jordi field. This is where I'm going for the next hour or so in that kind of head space, doesn't it? Yeah, it's it's kinda nice. 'cause breaks you out of that with the first song you get this Pyong thing and your words this going kind of puzzling for the first couple minutes. Yeah, and then you can. Oh, is this on the drums kick in? You know where your, yeah, it was nice to make. Really, really had a great time, and we saw the new songs came across gray, Raby row geeky today we were there for you show. Yeah, it was really good for you. We thought was a tequila highlights for you? Yeah, kind of mischievous word play on that one. Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, if you're in a studio, you're the you kind of working, but music. So it's a better form and we like to not take it to seriously. So you, you develop a little calmer, Audrey, will you having a joke know you having a laugh so on that. So we were making it up. Just came to that. I went out and saying that we knew would be misconstrued. Abo- we're quite glad to put in. You read the lyrics. It's perfectly straight. What I say. My daughter jeered as you walked, did I just. But yeah, I screwed up a bit of fun. You know we wanted if that was wanted Ryan's had there. It was. I did three tracks with Ryan, and that's the wall on the album rice. And then this to others term the noise we only had a week because it was a time when Greg was doing something else and my manager wrong open. He said, do you want to keep the momentum going Ramon a couple of weeks. Obviously, you know, if you want to, you could maybe get with it or the producer just to switch it up a bit. So he sent me some suggestions on a like Ryan's stuff I should. Well, yeah, you'd be great show rang him and we decided he'd come to my studio for a week and we just see how we went said. I've got a of songs we could to, but in the end he just finally making it up. So we just, you know, we went in with nothing. Just go to beat thing. Gone idea, some lyrics. And just built it up, but he knows what he's doing. Yeah, like anthem teamed up the draw before as well. Shoot..

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