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Mentioned talking a little bit about the history of the free talk live studios and the fact that it has been rated previous so it's been rated on numerous occasions previously and only aware of one other time so there was two i believe law enforcement raids prior to an f. b. i. raid five years ago and the fbi so the story is basically the fbi got really really angry at Freetalklive and ian and mark ian because he's the main guy behind the show and they attempted to undermine the sh the show free talk live and what they did was what happened. Was i Mark edge basically pointed out that if the fbi was distributing child porn in the in case they just continue to keep servers going in order to catch predators that enhance the servers made them faster. They upload more child porn things of that nature anyway. Well the f. b. i. Says child porn hurts. Children if fbi if if that's the case then fbi was hurting children. And he pointed this out and he was very critical of the fbi for this and now this is a show that broadcasts on almost two hundred radio stations. That ticked them off. Two weeks later the studio was raided by the fbi for child porn in that remember the very a case for which mark edge was criticizing them so this idea for somebody who advocates for peace that they would target an activist that advocates for peace. What does that tell you about our government. Well it tells you that they certainly don't care about freedom no they don't. We had a flag with peace sign outside the circle with the the four lines or three lines in it and they tore that down for. Why did they have to do that. Those fbi i don't know if the fbi right right right right. Yeah i I did notice that of the agents was actually intentionally destroying part of the deck while he was standing there and it had nothing to do with his job and that really annoyed me. That really made me angry. Because it's one thing to trash place while you're doing your job but she trash that has nothing to do with your job. Yeah my dresser that my closer and they went through it. And i also saw the big pieces broken out of it. Yeah they just they. They were targeting You know targeting basically You know in the studio and the various other people associated and around him because of what he represents he represents freedom he represents the very things that the fbi hates he points out that the people who rated us today are oppressors of the american public. That's all he does. He doesn't hurt anybody he doesn't believe in hurting anybody else for any reason. He's not an aggressive new.

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