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Stud for them. Weakside linebacker just makes a ton of plays every single week. He fractured. His fibula is gonna be he's gonna be ready to go for TA's and all that. But that was pretty significant loss for them. If kerryon Johnson comes back, I think you could look at him as a flex option, but he's been out. A and there have been no indications that he will come back. Don't don't wanna use get blunt. Don't wanna use feel Riddick. I mean, unless you're real desperate in PR. Yeah. That's that's about it. La- McCoy banged up. Chris ivory banged up. We can look at markets. Murphy navy as a desperation p p r play if those guys are both out, but they're both listed as day-to-day. I mean, they could both easily play. So we're just gonna have to see about that Josh island. Mike clay of ESPN noted that the lions have given up the fewest rushing yards in the NFL two opposing quarterback. So. This is going to be the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. When Josh Allen meets the the lions a great defense against running quarterbacks. Josh Allen became the first quarterback in NFL history since the in in the Super Bowl era era, which began in nineteen sixty six I quarterback in the Super Bowl era to rush for one hundred yards in consecutive games. He really should have three consecutive games of a hundred yards. But kneel downs at the end of the game put him from one oh one to ninety nine in week twelve so, but you know, and there's been talk that he's really just scrambling. He had four hit four rushes for forty eight yards and a touchdown on the opening drive on the ground last week. I mean, it's absolutely a part of their playbook. You know? So the your question is. As easy going to be able to do anything the passing game do enough in the passing game to continue to be productive. I mean, he's been a top three top ten fantasy quarterback in all three of these starts. I think he is going to be able to do new things in the passing game this week. I think we're gonna see Darius slay on. Zeh Jones primarily, and then I think they're going to struggle to cover Robert Foster. They may even have to stick dairy sleigh on on on Robert Foster because this dude has been ripping big place. But either way I think that they're going to get a good matchup on outside. And then I think they're going to get a good match up in the slot studios. Ahah mackenzie. He's five seven one seventy but he's a playmaker with the ball in his hands. And he started really stand out to me a couple of weeks ago. But I didn't really think he'd be a fantasy factor at any point. But then they cut Kelvin Benjamin and Andre homes and moves as Jones outside opposite. Robert Foster is AM MacKenzie is now they're full time slot receiver and slot slot is a great place to attack the lions as an MacKenzie had scored six of return touchdowns in his career at Georgia. He ran four four two he had eight touches last week. He. Had four catches and you had four rushing attempts and scored a touchdown on a rushing attempt. And he scored a rushing a rushing touchdown a couple of weeks ago. So. I think he's like a sneaky wide receiver three slash flex play. Especially in PR got four catches in back to back games. Yeah. That we can we can we want the next one. Packers at the bears heaven. So we had raised confidence level last week at home against the falcons, you know, with in that I you know, kind of game on the bounce after Mike McCarthy was fired. But I man I be worried. I'd be worried about playing Green Bay news, actually Kogyo. It's it's just a really tough defense to play against. And you know, I it's pretty I guess they lost Bryce Callahan last week, but you know, Randall Cobb really he's not a guy that that scares you anymore in the slot. I think that devante Adams is confident play. But I mean Aaron Jones is pretty I mean Todd Gurley could roll against the bears..

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