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You might be thinking three moves at but he's thinking ten moves ahead and he knows what he's doing so don't ever question him i think sometimes and brian cashman this case we're questioning hey what are you doing literally us because we were thinking okay who's going to go down well tyler austin is a logical guy because you're bringing up a guy that can play first base and neil walker can play first base if something happens to greg bird again are you want to you know platoon him against tough lefties in therese get sedan means what in three thirty nine he's playing really well he's apparently of really good guy in the clubhouse as michael lew two why would you send him down and the answer might be he's thinking looking at the schedule and going okay we got houston coming up we need pitcher so we can't send a pitcher down and looking at the pitching matchups there neil walker or tyler austin matchup better with somebody maybe the third guy in houston's bullpen who we don't even know the name of who's gonna come up in a key situation and we'd rather have him hit then torius betrays will be back i mean you can't leave that kind of talent and triple a and just say well thanks for what you've done so far by by so i think he'll be back but you know it is kind of puzzling move on the face of it let's go to nick and westchester you're on the fan nncholas yeah you don't get a steal a proposal from a caller last week i say earlier earlier in the week you were talking about the playoff i don't think you could cut eight games that's a lot of money from thirty or thirty two teams whatever so i don't think you could do that but he had a good idea so i'm gonna steal it propose it for your group that the the wild card winner that has the best record of the two wild cards you would play two games at third place in other words.

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