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And yet here. That once of vaccine is under investigational status or experimental which these are you cannot as a public health official you cannot you must not in your forbidden from stating exactly that it is safe unexpected because it is still investigation of which this is so they know when they see this in the media. They're deceiving the median. Actually violation of sds actual quotes. This is a fact and so the reality about it says that if someone has. Here's a key the keys. I you can't tell someone who's probably informed if something does can't make a decision to have to not have it and that is part this discussion county please. We're bringing continue room. Which is that no one in this entire wounds. I argued to d has been properly informed on give proper informed consent. I augie you bring anyone who said they got a shot. Because you can't tell me someone pulling up a vaccine parkway and a parking lot and someone walking up to you and say look sleep. Sign this form form. Consent rainfall consent. You you have to explain by someone at a health background who understands yours profile. So that's ideally your clinician etc. You need to be explained risks and the benefits relatives to your respect. And you need to be informed fully before you take these sharks. No-one is being informed on. Got us another issue. I think we go visit that. When all of this is done they've been clear. Violations of in your book. Could which was set up will were to for this particular matter doctor doctor and stuff contravene you must not and you can not administered drug or vaccine to people who are not fully informed knowing has being fully informed catastrophe. You're spot on with that. So we could..

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