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And you're destroying it. Because you live in a car, don't you? I do. Yeah. And so whatever you drive your destroying its value. You're a road warrior. And so this is a business overhead problem you have chosen to destroy a thirty thousand dollar vehicle when you could have chosen to destroy fifteen thousand dollar vehicle. And still met all the requirements and trade every year tried once a year. And. Two euro, listen, do you want to destroy thirty thousand or fifteen? Understand. That's it. So you get the minimum vehicle that will do the job in meet their requirements, and that's going to be a two year old vehicle. You drive it for a year run wheels off the stinking thing. And it goes way down in value because you're putting fifty thousand miles on a car. Probably aren't you. Right on. And I could tell I mean, that's this is who requires you to do. This kind of stuff is people that run the wheels off cars and so. What are you selling pharmaceutical sales? No, I'm selling construction equipment. Good. Good. Okay. Good. Well, you're making Bank. You got a great career, but don't take these general guidelines. They give you an let that be an excuse for you to lose this much money 'cause you're losing fifteen thousand dollars a year. On the transaction. You're talking about. So you need to track down in cars to a one two euro car get the cheapest possible thing that will do the job that's reliable comfortable you live in the cars. And he's become certainly got to be reliable got to be presentable for the clients. That's what they're wanting. And they're giving you this big Carlisle, but they did not pay your car payment, if they fire you, and you still have the car payment, and they did not require you to get a car payment. They did not require you to brand new those are rationalizations that you. I get asked all the time about what people need to do to improve their families money situation. Two of the most.

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