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The black Mesa defense fund back in 1969-70 and working with Hopey and traditional Navajo Indians to try to thwart the black Mesa mine which then served coal to the Navajo Generating Station to basically power up off the central Arizona project down taking water out of the Colorado River. I got so engrossed in that that in two thousand. I did a six-part radio series for public radio on the Colorado River in the west and looking at the central Arizona project as probably the worst environmental debacle ever visited upon the South West Palm. And the Glen Canyon Dam, but seeing how the whole thing was mapped out in an almost mathematical fashion to get them to work to make something else work, but all to satisfy presumed human needs. Whereas That central Arizona project with a black Mesa mine off basically has all but destroyed the traditional Cultural perspectives of both the traditional and Navajo and Hopi Indians which to me is another travesty. That's really not very well known even today although it ought to be and looking at the American southwest as the national sacrifice area. It was basically looked at home, but from the point of view of what resources are available to satisfy presumed human needs as our population has continued to grow and grow and grow back of the things that I try to point out every now and then on the lecture is that in the course of my lifetime. I was born in nineteen thirty-six. And the human population of the planet had just passed two billion people and today it said almost 7.8 billion people and may last another few years. I will have seen the human population of the planet grow by 400% That's another sort of a statistical way of looking at it. But they you're so overlaying with our own species that the gridlock is becoming unclear at this point back in the days when I would be having conversation with Alan Watts. I was also writing for a an ancient environmental magazine known as Clear Creek and he which he read and I read and wage. Knowing Alan is booked the way of Zen another dear friend of his a man named Rodger Summers..

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