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Happens all the time. Make yourself clear. We can do that. Give me clip number three, high demand American employers also needs to take responsibility too often illegal immigrants are ward here on the promise of a job to receive on conscionable unconscionably, low wages Elliott, first of cheap labor, unscrupulous employers. Look the other way when employees presented fraudulent US citizenship documentation. These X hurt both American workers and immigrants who so lame as to work hard and get ahead. And that's why we need a simple foolproof and mandatory mechanisms for all employers to check the legal status of new hires. Let me repeat we need strong border security at the borders, but we also need a virtual border that is created by employers. Having to check to see if these people genuinely are legally. Wow. Back when the Democratic Party actually was standing up for what would benefit working America as opposed to pretending to in my opinion. Yeah. Some of that was a Senator Barack Obama being overly optimistic. Unfortunately, about the reality of the political power to keep illegal immigration going direction was gone, right? I mean because that's completely reasonable what he just said. And almost everybody agrees with that. Right. I mean, it's it's not even close, but he couldn't beat him. So he joined them, I guess the open borders crowd or that do nothing about it. Crowd on Mike Pence just made a strong statement in a tweet about this is not not cool. Whoever sent it around these these packages suspicious packages to the Clintons. The obamas. And Debbie Wasserman Schultz down in Florida and CNN. I mean, it's really a who's who of a certain kind of liberal boogeyman? Yeah. Exactly liberal boogeyman. But we got this text. It's a lefty extremist trying to sway the vote to the left by leaving bombs making it look like a right wing craziness out there. It certainly could be. It's a crazy person. Either way. I'm not gonna regular feature on the show as me trying to decide whether something is real racism or social Justice warrior faking some because they're so troubled by racism, they want people to be as troubled as they are. So they create and this is a very similar case perfect as an expert in this. I will tell you. It's awfully perfect. But there are plenty of crazy people out there on all sides of the coin flip. Oh, I don't have enough. I'm not gonna deny. There are plenty of crazy people out there that by the whole will the those are boogeyman and then while we're playing roulette and trying to figure out if it's going to land on red or black. Let us not forget the two green squares that are involved China and Russia be active kind of way. Excellent point positive paranoid. Sean. No, that's not paranoid. That just be. That would be brilliant Putin. Maneuvering it and having read Putin's Bob biography about him. He has done that very sort of thing has actually blown things up. We have the answer. He is actually blown things up to make it look like the Chechens. So he can do various thing. Gully FBI. Yeah. Oh, great move. If Russia did that horrifying, but really smart. Yeah. Really get him at each other's throats. Right. Start sending each other bombs, not not real bombs nonce bloating bombs. The fact that none of them went off. Makes it because there are four at this point. Three or four three four five. So there's there's the one to Soros than the Debbie Wasserman Schultz Quinton anybody can make a bomb spend five minutes on the internet. They didn't do a very good job. If they actually wanted to blow some perfected nothing blew up tells me, this is a gesture. It would be a completely over the top insanely committed and insane activists who would send actual bombs to make the other side look bad that would be way way way out there. I could see an activist descending inert bombs, quote, unquote bombs to make the other side, look bad. So that's almost a point in that favor. Mohammed, of course. Boy, these are weird. How 'bout we get in front of this before we find out whether the person's wearing a Bernie hat or a maga- hat. We don't paint the other side with this person. Degree complete foul to do you. Judge your side the best of your intentions and the other side by the worst of their freaks. Yeah. Exactly. They're they're completely insane. Freak right represents the other side. Correct. And our fondest wishes represent ours. Right. Yeah. So we'll go with that. Then super I wanna tell you about Jamie Lee Curtis center ten year addiction to opioids which is kind of interesting. She was.

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