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First place meta starter with you and i'd like you to have the last word all these people were talking about it seems to me and you and i've talked about this before sessions rosenstein muller are all going to go to work tomorrow they're all still getting paychecks with your knowledge of washington and current times what kind of triggering device would it be if any of the three of them got a pink slip tomorrow i think i think it would be it would be really hard for bob muller to get a pink slip tomorrow without going through rod rosenstein first so i think all eyes on rod rosenstein here as we said earlier jeff sessions i mean look he's recused from the russian investigation if he goes it certainly changes the dynamics i'm not sure that it that up ends anything but these are these are three men who obviously have decided that they are going to weather in a extremely unusual bit of intrusion the white house into just department of fairs rod rosenstein says that he cares deeply about protecting the muller investigation and so as the president likes to say we'll we'll see what happens to robert costa the shannon petty piece to meta puzo our thanks for starting off our broadcast tonight really appreciate it and coming up for us giuliani says he wants to be talking about komi and muller but his boss and friend the president keeps talking about jeff sessions new reporting tonight about the advice giuliani keeps repeating to the president these days and later in the midst of a nonstop news day and unexpected response from the white house press secretary are rare moment we witnessed in the briefing room that and more is our wednesday addition rolls along.

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