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Like federal and military discounts from your local geigo agent. You couldn't save yourself from a lack of video flop. But you could save yourself hundreds with Geico online over the phone, or at your local office, right now all across the US. They're millions of children without internet at home. Hey, now's Burson why you the sad picture my life, yet, or no me, I've internet home, crushing same here? So quick, that sad PNO music. Now that something I can listen to crush AP calculus and everything else. I I've always said this kills I just needed. High speed internet at home. And with internet essentials from Comcast. I have that, so now I can stay on top of my homework. Mind. If I do my announcer thing now, sure I need to get out of this commercial. Anyway, go get him. Sonia. Threw in another central's Comcast collected more than six million low income people to low cost high speed internet at home. So they're ready for anything. Learn more at Comcast corporation dot com slash another sentence. CDW. We get the startups operated, hyper speed last week. It was just me now. I haven't -ployees that means we need a phone system. PC's a secure infrastructure. We can help with that, as you grow. Your CDW accounting can help you build solutions that fit your needs and budget and get them to you. Fast. Can you deliver yesterday? Orchestrations by CDW people who get it. Find out more at CDW dot com slash startups. Innovation doesn't.

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