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Is that we have to deal with the causes and we have to deal with the effects, Harris began her trip at a U. S Customs and Border Protection facility. She later deliver a speech. Franco Ordonez. NPR news. This is NPR. 72 degrees at 104. I'm Araceli Gomez Saldana with W B E Z News. A Chicago cop could face discipline for an arrest 15 years ago involving officers sent to prison for corruption. W. B E Z s CHIP Mitchell reports For years, A unit led by Sergeant Ronald Watts allegedly planted drugs and false charges on people who refused to pay them off. Those people included Ben Baker. He was arrested twice in 2005 and sent to prison in 2012, The feds finally busted, Watts and one of the cats he supervised. Judges started throwing out convictions tied to the team, starting with bakers, now a former member of Watts, teams still on duty could face discipline over one Bakers arrests CPD has stripped Sergeant Alvin Jones have police powers. Jones would be the first cop in the scandal punished by the city Chip Mitchell. W B Easy news. Federal law enforcement agencies arrested a downstate Illinois man yesterday and charges related to the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. Shane Jason Woods of Auburn faces charges including assault on a law enforcement officer and other violent acts. Chicago City Council meets again this afternoon to finish the business they didn't get to earlier this week. The mayor and aldermen adjourned early Wednesday after only voting on one item. Several several contentious contentious items could get a vote today, including the renaming of Lakeshore Drive and the appointment of a new top attorney for the city. If confirmed, Celia Messa could become the first Hispanic woman to hold that job. Look at sports. The Cubs beat the Dodgers for nothing They play in Los Angeles late this evening. The White Sox host this whole Seattle this evening. Whether permit permitting, with fans at 100% capacity at guaranteed rate field and the sky beat the New York Liberty. It's the skies franchise record seventh consecutive victory. The Chicago Red Stars play Louisville tomorrow afternoon. The Chicago Fire FC play Philadelphia.

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