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The breakdown of a plea deal with former Trump campaign chair, Paul Manafort and an explosive British news report about alleged contacts. He may have had with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has thrown a new element of uncertainty into the Trump Russia investigation a day after prosecutors accused Manafort of repeatedly lying to them trashing his agreement to tell all in return for a lighter sentence Manafort adamantly denied a report in the guardian newspaper that he had met secretly with Assange in may of two thousand sixteen that's the same month. He joined the Trump campaign and that Russian hackers began an effort to penetrate, the Email accounts of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, the developments thrust Manafort back into the investigation spotlight raising new questions. About what he knows. And what prosecutors say he might be attempting to conceal as they prob- Russian election interference in any possible coordination with Trump associates in the campaign that sent the celebrity businessman to the White House. The guardian cited unidentified sources as saying Manafort, I met Assange at the embassy in London in two thousand thirteen a year after Assange took refuge there to avoid being extradited to Sweden over sex crime allegations, the newspaper said Manafort returned in two thousand fifteen and two thousand sixteen and that its sources had tentatively dated the final visit to the month of March. There were no details on what might have been discussed. The Trump campaign announced manafort's hiring on March twenty nine th of two thousand sixteen and he served as the convention manager tasked with lining up. Gates for the Republican national convention. He was promoted to campaign chair in may and Associated Press investigation into Russian hacking showed that government aligned cyber spies began an aggressive effort to penetrate. The Clinton campaign's Email accounts on March tenth of two thousand sixteen reporter Simon Mark says more pull in even deeper trouble with prosecutors here than before special counsel Robert Mueller leading the Russia investigation says President Trump's former campaign manager lied repeatedly in a clear breach. If he's plea agreement. His lawyer is refusing to comment on a report in the British newspaper. The guardian that Mr. Manafort made three visits to Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The claim comes as the mullahs probe focuses on how Clinton campaign emails made their way into WikiLeaks hands. Simon marks Washington. Democrat TJ Cox has ads ahead of Republican incumbent congressman David Valdo following an updated vote count Monday in a house race in California's central valley with more votes. Still to be counted. The Associated Press had declared valid the winner but votes that have been counted since November sixth steadily narrow the race the AP retracted its race. Call after Cox took the lead. It's unclear how many votes remained to be counted counties have until December seventh to complete their tallies. Democrats already have seized six GOP held house seats in California, delivering another blow to California's along struggling Republican party. If Cox prevails Democrats will hold a forty six to seven advantage and the state's largest in the nation congressional delegation. Nowadays seat and the other six already won by Democrats are district's Hillary Clinton carried in a twenty sixteen presidential contest four of them are partially or wholly in Orange County. Once a Republican stronghold in southern California. Cox made the race a referendum on valid support for President Donald Trump valley Deo a trip to the district's heavy Latino population had talented his support for a way to keep in the country. People who were brought to the US illegally when they were children and has more from Fresno democrat challenger at TJ Cox has pulled ahead of incumbent Republican David valejo in California's twenty first congressional district the latest tally shows Cox in the lead by four hundred thirty six votes over the three term incumbent. The southern San Joaquin valley district includes both rural and urban areas. Stretching from Kern to Fresno county's this tally is not the final. Result. However as ballots are still being counted. In Fresno county, some fifteen thousand ballots are yet to be tallied in current enta-. Larry there are several thousand not all the ballot. In those counties are into twenty first district and king's county home to Valla Dale and all into twenty first district some eleven hundred provisional ballots still need to be counted. The late search for Cox has come from strong support in Kern county, where he has gone over sixty percent of the total votes. The Cox campaign has surprised virtually all political observers of the race who expected value to beat TK Cox by a comfortable margin as he has all previous democratic challengers, BIC pavilion. Pacifica radio KFC f-, Fresno. Mississippi voters are voting in a run off today to decide the last Senate race of the midterm elections. Republican Senator Cindy, Hyde Smith is scoring off against democrat. Mike Espy, a former congressman and agriculture secretary under President Bill Clinton Mississippi's past of racist. Violence has become a dominant theme after a video showed Republican Hyde. Smith who's white praising a supporter in early November by saying if he invited me to a public hanging. I'd be on the front row Hyde. Smith said it was an exaggerated expression of regard ship. Benchley apologize for the remark if Espy wins. He would be the first black Senator from the state of Mississippi since reconstruction high Smith was also seen in another video talking about making voting difficult for liberal, folks. And a photo circulated. Her wearing a replica confederate military hat during a two thousand fourteen visit to a museum in Biloxi, Mississippi that was the last home of confederate president Jefferson Davis. President Trump held two rallies in the state yesterday to supporter we need the people.

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