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So I I do like this this particular situation for him missed the first free throw made the second nuggets leaders at three forty three to forty and here comes Martin Lawrence second unit played well here tonight in Houston. Top of the key over the Yokich. They go around the horn back over to Monte Moore says one on one with rivers lobs it on the elbow to Yokich Yokich guarded by cappella dribbles with the left hand picked it up. He's just behind the free throw line throws behind him to Lyles Lyle stops back over joker. He's got one foot in the paint shorter player on them spin move hook shot is up in Tucker, tried to flop for a charge didn't get the whistle. Denver back in the lead by five. And James harden, has it across the timeline guarded there by Maliki Beasley throws it over Tucker back over to harden harden, lobs it in the paint over the Capella throws at the opposite corner to Austin rivers. He'll take a contested three batch shot. He knocked at home some announcing that Trey Lyles back for no apparent reason and gave him this basic shooting yoga, Chaz it on a handoff over to launch O'Hare Gomez. Chases Yokich out of the way. The whistle. Offensive foul on the colour Yokich trying to get position on James harden. Joker hates that. Call. Yeah. Because it's not a fantastic. Alvin James harden been trying to do this? He knows he's overmatched. And so he's trying to block these out come on. That's terrible. Outside official Carl lanes it on that one pardon has it to the right side of the midcourt circle. Throws it over PJ Tucker cutter. Gives him a pig. Trickles down to the baseline off to a cutting player Cabello the paint, and he's fouled by one show. Here Gomez known for a steel. A physical screens be set out here. That one by Tucker looked like a football for sure. And he does that he does that for James harden to force a switch to a guy that wants to deal with more than whoever his initial defender is so we're gonna see that a lot here tonight. Jamal Murray comes back in for Denver. Cappella lobs in the corner over to James harden. Eight on the clock guarded by McMullan leak. Beasley takes a top three mystic rebound down to watch a quick outlet pass Murray in the frontcourt, veasley hazards. Beasley tells it to Yokich just behind the free throw line Yokich started out there by cappella joker, puts it on the fourth the left hand gets down the lane leans in layup. No, good rebound tapped to grab by and joker wanted a whistle. There didn't get one hardened goes. Coast to coast. Stops lobs it over the Capelli come down with it layup. No, good rebound tip. But then a foul called on Denver on the rebound. And that'll be free throws coming up again here for the Houston Rockets. And. James harden was able to lob this pass over the top to Clint cappella, and that's just the past the nuggets can't allow to get right? Catches it. And then there's nobody in between him and the basket and. Number one by Capellas up in and they'll have one more. Gary Harris checks back in.

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