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In this episode which had read Rachel King of Fortune Magazine Rachel is an editor at the magazine overseeing coverage primarily related to travel luxury and books. She also reports on the food and drinks industries for fortune. Hi Rachel welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me. So you've covered business finance technology over the years and became the books and lifestyle editor at Fortune, and since then we've seen so many articles by you. So could you tell our listeners west specific topics? You normally cover I it changes all the time but I especially in the current economic climate. But for a long time I was covering technology like consumer technology and gadgets, and also enterprise technologies to stay the senators and cloud technology. In the last few years I've shifted over more towards folks whether it be non fiction biographies and memoirs and Business books of that. Hospitality Industries, including hotels and travel related topics, but also a wine and spirits industries all the good things in life it's not. How was the Cova nineteenth situation change the kinds of stories you're covering. Do you feel like you could continue to cover the same thing she did previously and what kind of angles are you looking for now? Yeah. Unfortunately a lot of the things we were covering and March just. Had to be dropped by the wayside. They don't even apply anymore in terms of like hotels, openings, and restaurants and tours in different countries you could be. Some things still haven't changed at all. They probably won't change especially Americans for at least another several months to a year we've been able to cover. From the different engine from different angles those. So there's been a surge in certain Texas, a wines. Liquor, deliberate has seen a huge uptick in the last few months seeing how? Are. Responding to be paycheck protection program, how small businesses are trying to protect their employees and what they, what they're trying to do when they can take care of them either. With your crystal. Ball. What some of the topics plans to be covering or assigning for the remainder of the year. In, whatever's going on restaurants is going to just continue to change day by day, which is really frustrating obviously for business owners and the people who work there. I can't even imagine how tops that once the Staying on top of what's going on metropolises raisin turns airlines they're leading up on change fees and cancellation fees. Right now it's it's really easy to ticket and it's cheap to book a ticket to a Lotta places without many penalties. That's not last forever. So so kind of mentioned it's how prolific you've been from like loudness to hospitality to I mean you cover so many So, how do you come up with such a steady stream of fresh new ideas? I I I'm lucky that I have the those opportunities to work on those kind of stories I. Really do enjoy them the way we get ideas stories. There's no one white is. All the time to whether East something based on something I've read elsewhere or seen on TV or people I've talked with on the street Working with my colleagues like. A noticed trends and but they're like we'll share ideas like on different desks whether finance or check politics or lifestyle. Trying to hash out trends that way working with other quarters, other editors on staff. And then, of course you know working. Our sources. I do get hundreds of not sometimes thousands of days so I try to. I try to prioritize especially based on. The past and also just a lot of the month long get won't actually relevance may be. So I try to soldier that way, but the the people I've worked with previously me what I offer. So that's also could starting point you can. Know. So speaking of stories. So in early May, you launch the Startup Leo One special series at Fortune. So we found this so interesting because as entrepreneur myself in I, always enjoy the story is how people come up with ideas and hustle and struggling by still make it work. So how did that come about? was based on a story started with a Great Jones of flair startup and. They had been celebrating their first year anniversary in January. So we decided to do hugh in Alabama. What like the first year in business run rather than doing it the Prada and. has been a really great way to. Learn about those hurdles and a lot of people don't want to talk about us also that he began about like we're trying to interview entrepreneurs and startup founders within their first year of business. So if we interview them about their first year business five years or now hindsight's change a lot of. And so there are memories might not be fresh accurate. Let alone their lessons they. Have, learned I've been they might look at three different lengths to the immediate after mass I mean personally as a coffee fanatic I really enjoyed the article on Black and bold fe data story. That's so cool. People are inspiring and you know as you know, there are a lot of entrepreneurs in our hotel and traveled community. So this could be a great platform for them. Absolutely. Yeah. So what do our listeners need to do to get featured get your attention. That's a good question. It kind of goes back to what I'm saying about whoever things from different sources in terms of what I'm reading the. Social. Media plays a huge role joining new gift is a lot of bloggers more expertise nuts in particular fields, other be travel or ud or skin care of that nature. Or just sometimes asking people I trust around me, of course, that can be a little bit of I wouldn't say problematic but it's you don't want to get to honed in by the bubble you live in second cloud you might not. Branch out to find sources that are really differ from you that make sense. As a book worms ourselves, I. Mean we love books and you're April. Actually I saw my actually I, read your. Article on Murray Condo's Joey of work, and of course, I had to order it and my God it has been life changing experience and to spoke not only helped me a not only eliminate like a physical clutter,.

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