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All of the interviews over the next six days have been mapped out. First up is former colts coach, Colorado native, Chuck Pagano. Dan. Coming in tomorrow is the QB coach of the Rams Zach something or other. Zac, taylor. Thank you. And then who else we got we got Friday. It's Mike mon- check. Right. Mike munch? And then the Monday, they're doubling up with the patriots defensive coordinator, Brian Flores and your boy, Vic Fangio. Yep. The name. I think I know this answer is can I just say real quick. Yes. I would love it. If Vic Fangio, and let's just say Jim Bob cooter happened interview for the offense coordinator job and got it. How cool would that be guiding Fangio and a guy named Jim Bob cooter, though, we to talk about all year. It would be tremendous though, be great it really it really would funding to save on your coaching staff. Unfortunately, I think the circumstances have become too dire to opt for the names over at least the full names over the big names. Are you all in on Fangio? Is that your guy for the Denver Broncos based on this list? Yes. And I would agree out of this list. That Fangio is the most intriguing I would like a a name to come out of left field. Because generally likes to do that sometimes. But yeah this list. Fangio? I think that the QB coach Zac Taylor for the Rams. We talked about this on Monday. Because the news cycle was moving fast and furious with the Denver Bronco, right? One of the hottest coaching candidates last year. Was Matt leflore Matla floor was the offensive coordinator. I believe offensive coordinator. He might have also been a QB coach for the Rams and with the season that Gough had finally Jared Goff lived up to what a top draft. Pick is supposed to do. Obviously, Sean McVeigh his rise along with the floor. But leflore was part of that people thought that leflore had a lot to do with the success of the Rams the titans brought him in as offense coordinator. And I don't pretend like I've watched sixteen titans games this year, but leflore stock has gone down. Precipitously? Over the course of this season. And I would caution any Broncos fans that see the name Zack Taylor and more importantly, see Rams QB coach and think oh McVeigh's the new Mike Holmgren, right? I mean anyone that comes off of that tree? We got grab them. Right. The first guy off of McVeigh's tree did not have a very good season. Though. He's getting interviews. He is getting interviews. The Packers are the one that I've seen the most. Yeah. I think that's a unique situation because they have the most diva Alicia quarterback that we may have in this game and Aaron Rogers. So I think you definitely need somebody that can match wits with Aaron Rodgers. But you also need someone to be a little bit more. What's the word? I'm looking for subservient. You are there to do. Aaron Rodgers is bidding. That's what the Green Bay job is. And that's why I have for Packers fans. I say you don't want mcdaniels. But as a person who doesn't care how the Packers do all please higher mcdaniels like mcdaniels Brady fight constantly. But there's a clear winner. Right. Because Tom Brady is the goat in mcdaniels is not right. Aaron Rodgers and Josh mcdaniels arguably have achieved the same level of success in their respective career pads because Aaron Rodgers has a Super Bowl Josh mcdaniels has won multiple. But as a coordinator, I think both guys would feel like they have the right to yell at the other one right now. It's like it's cute that mcdaniels argues with Brady, but we know at the end Brady will win. So anyway, I digress. I don't hate the idea of Zack Taylor as a potential offense coordinator candidate. Yeah. To do what they did with Vance. What the initial plan with Vance was right? The initial plan with Vance was get this DB coach. And I mean defensive backs coach. Yeah. And let's promote him to defensive coordinator with us and the Bengals said, no, you cannot have him. Right. And and then I think that that made John Elway. You can't tell John Elway. You can't have somebody. I think that's the Las thing in all of this is that John Elway was told. No and that made him want Vance Joseph Baltimore. So I would say that. With the Rams qb coach. I think it's interesting to discuss potentially bring him in as an offensive coordinator, not as much at stake. John Elway has proven you can always replace an offensive coordinator. So I think Zack Taylor is going to be brought in. Like, Vance was initially to say, okay, we're going to give you a step up. And I have no problem with that. The real candidates. I think for the head coaching job. At least the ones that have been mentioned. Gano munch. And I don't even believe Flora's is a legitimate candidate hope not and Fangio. I think those are the guys right now. Because again, there guys are involved in the postseason John Harbaugh that the Broncos cannot make overtures with I don't even know if the Broncos will be able to interview John Harbaugh if that trade possibility progresses, but I know that the ravens aren't gonna discuss this right now. The ravens are worried about what they're worried about. And that's the Los Angeles chargers. So. Of these candidates. You like Fangio, I think if you go Fangio, then you I think you need to go the rebuilding full on rebuild route. Would you agree with that assessment? Or do you think Fangio is good enough that this team can add veteran players and be good next year? I think they can add veteran players, right? I. You know, Fangio better than I do because you are a a nice big Broncos fan, obviously. But with your your family's ties to Chicago and stuff you watch a lot bears games. You know about the bears. I say you're going to bring in Fangio, and he's going to be. Over-simplification take is that he's going to be more experienced Vance Joseph defensive-minded first time head coach. So to me, the tact that I would take if I'm John Elway Fangio's your guy, and I don't hate that idea. You have enlighten me on what Fangio has been able to do in Chicago consistently that defense has gotten better and better and better. And now arguably they are the best in the NFL before before they before he took over there were like the second works. No are number one. Statistically, right, number one. And I would say that as opposed to Vance Joseph that is a more complete body of work as a coordinator. So I liked the idea of Fangio Chuck Pagano to me screens. What John Elway is going to try and do. He's gonna try bringing in a veteran coach to work with case. I don't think he's going to jump ship on case keenum next year. No. And I think that John Elway with the cap space. The Broncos have is going to be looking to add rather than subtract. I know that he didn't dismiss the notion of trading von Miller out of hand. But to me you look at the Broncos they have Chris Harris, they have von Miller two of the ten at worst best defensive players in the National Football League. Who will both probably not be around if the who won't be in their prime win the Broncos come out of a potential rebuild. So to me everything points in the direction of going veteran coach that's where John L A's hit kubiak, FOX. Their personnel says veteran coach, but is Chuck Pagano. The right guy. That's that's the question. Mark that I have with that. Because Chuck Pagano had Andrew luck. True. And are you going to get the most out of case keenum with Chuck Pagano gain, more of a defensive minded guy? So. And. If you look at the reports, there's a re if the reports are true, there's a reason they're going defense. Because who they looking at for offensive coordinator. His who has been talked about. And and. Kubiak? Yes. So they don't want a head coach to step on kubiak toes. So if he's defense of minded he's going to go and step on whoever Joe woods or whoever the coordinators going forward his toes. Right. And I don't think one of the record. That's you bring you bring up a great transition though, because we'll take a break and on the other side is it the right course, of action for the Denver Broncos to have an OC already in their hip pocket, and Gary kubiak is that the right way to conduct this coaching search to try and force kubiak on any potential candidate. We'll talk about that. After we take a look at your traffic. Here's an Xtra sports look at the streets. Southbound I.

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