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So I wonder whether marks thinking this should be more toward three or four billion the he's gonna wanna hire multiple on valuation as far as compared to revenue goes because cloud growth savvy higher than enterprise growth rate. Exactly not knowing what revenue is. I mean. The impact on the valuation and I don't know who Cutie partners is or what they do to Swedish p firm. Right? But that's, that's all I know about them. Like I have no idea. They're acquiring them. Goal is no, no one seems to be very clear. Bikes on reading did not very sure why it's Cutie than different from why achey Tae all going for say's pay different. Yep. All right. Germy. Did you see any any more indication of whether this was a particularly good? Bye. I didn't know now though. So he told of mystery series? No, actually have that much facts on wall sue's doing today, but which found out? Yeah. At an I will say, yeah, yes. We stay as Mattingly complicated as always been. I'm UCS for ten years. That was completely. All right. What's next Jeremy? Give us some give it some sugar while. So why don't we go with something we've talked about on a couple shows recently is the current crypto currency prices and kind of the markets. And one thing that we hadn't talked about is the impact that that had on graphics cards, which it turns out was pretty substantial. In this case, it actually mostly wasn't bitcoin because most bitcoin mining moved to six ether is the second most valuable crypto currency and still able to be mined GPU and it turns out the price of most higher end Invidia and AMD chips. Sorry, not chips. Graphics cards has somewhere in between doubled in quadrupled depending on the specific card over the last eighteen to twenty four months. And now with prices coming back down the cards are coming back down to the range that they were. I just thought it was interesting that it had that much. Of an impact. So if you look at the Rx five seventy, which is a radio and kind of a mid range card, the is two hundred which is what is sold or in April of twenty seventeen. Just a few months later in February eighteen was going for over four fifty. Yeah, it had a huge fact. It's not always surprises me when something which all don't think is a big deal. Has this kind of outsized effect home stuff you hip Jim into when people were going through rubbish dumps looking phone, circuit boards for the value of the cop on them? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, it's, yeah, it genuinely surprising began. People do to be happy the this hasn't just from what I understand. This hasn't just effected graphics card as -ffective ram as well and some of the components. So. Because I know that when I was buying when I was building my studio computer, which was towards the tail end of last year, the guy who bought our old house works for a family prominent tech company, and he's really into gaming like a gaming company. And he was saying that you know, sit, you built a PC at the worst possible time prices completely through the roof right now. And it's all because the crypto. So. JAT stop doing crypto things entirely forgiveness, hey, people need that does coined. They've really done. All right. Come on. Give us something language, ROY. Okay. I'm a brief one. Yes. Googlies platinum member of foundation. Apparently. It's, I don't know whether this is because the the us a great deal and they want to contribute more or kind of red. One of the one of those red flags where type things that both arts used to distract you from fuchsia looking around the.

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