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You call me a name It was may eighteenth. Nineteen twenty seven and the excited kids of bath. Township michigan were attending their last day of school before summer break. Now i want to warn you. This is gonna be rough. I can tell by the tone in your voice is going to be a rough one. Yeah okay so. Bath was a rural village. A rural rural role bath was a rural village of three hundred people and despite its location about ten miles from lansing The school was made up of kids from lots of local neighborhoods in nineteen twenty two bath open. This consolidated school the bath consolidated school and it brought all of the regions students under one roof but at eight forty five the north wing of that three story structure exploded with such force that the boom was heard miles away with god. In what year was this again. One thousand nine hundred eighty seven eye. Witnesses and survivors were interviewed afterward by reporters and one of the teachers at the school. Bernice sterling told the ap that the explosion was like an earthquake. The air seemed to be filled with children and flying dessel. More kids were tossed high in the air. Some were catapulted out of the building. People rushed to the school to see what had happened and to help. Pull the students and teachers from the rubble. One of those volunteers was monty ellsworth. He noted that the north wing of the school had collapsed and that the edge of the roof was on the ground so he recalled that there was a pile of kids. Five or six deep under the roof. He volunteered to drive back to his farm and he was going to get a rope. That would be heavy enough to pull the school roof off of the children's bodies god so as he was heading back to his place he passed his neighbor. Andrew ki-ho heading toward the school he saw andrew andrew saw him and he said andrew grinned and waved his hand and when he grinned i could see both rows of his teeth. Andrew ki-ho was a fifty five year old school board treasurer and he was angry about the increase taxes that had recently been put in place in bath for the addition of the new school. He had also been defeated in the election for township clerk so he wanted lower taxes and he fought against the new school and he repeatedly accused superintendent of schools ameri of fiscal mismanagement. He had studied electrical engineering and michigan state university and he had a farm he also had a reputation in town is super frugal and he was very hot tempered. His neighbors described him as a tinkerer and knowledgeable handyman but indicated that he was really pretty indifferent as a farmer so he had this farm but he really didn't put his heart into it. His wife was ill with tuberculosis. and he's recently stopped making the mortgage payment so his farm was facing foreclosure about thirty minutes after the explosion at the school. Andrew ki-ho drove up to the site. He saw superintendent and summoned him over to his truck. Keough then stepped out of his truck. They had some words. He aimed his rifle at the truck and fired. His truck was filled with dynamite and trap dome. And the explosion killed the school superintendent. It killed himself. It killed a retired farmer nearby. And cleo clayton an eight year old second grader. This is after the school exploded. Clayton had survived the first blast and wandered out of the school building jesus. Victim's bodies were placed in a temporary morgue set up in the school yard. And then we're eventually taken to the town hall which was used as a temp morgue. Local physician j a crumb and his wife nurse had both served in world war one and they transformed drugstore in the town into a triage center. The governor of michigan at the time. Fred w green arrived in the afternoon and assisted in the relief work. He was carting bricks away from the scene. Meanwhile the lawrence baking company of lansing sent a truck filled with pies and sandwiches which were served to the rescuers in the township's community hall so police and fire officials gathered at the ki-ho farm to investigate. When they arrived they discovered all of the keyhole farm. Buildings had also been destroyed so he blew everything up. Everything state troopers were searching for. Nellie ki-ho andrew's wife. Laura out michigan burke yellows rights. They thought she was at a sanitarium but they discovered that nellie had been discharged two days earlier nellie key had been murdered by her husband sometime between her release and those bombings two days later keo put her body in a wheelbarrow at the rear of the farms. Chicken coop where it was found heavily. Charred after the farms explosion. Voice guy was a lot of fun. The farm's barn had also been burned down. Nobody noticed this. It was rural and he had arranged it so that the farm and the school blew up at the same time. Oh wow yeah holy shit. The barn had been completely destroyed. Had horses inside. Ki-ho had hobbled those horses so they had no chance of escape. He also plays firebombs throughout the house. so that head exploded as well. It was determined that ki-ho had spent months planning this event. He was driving to land saying explicitly coming back to town and bit by bit loading the floorboards of the school with dine so four months in this is because of his tax unhappiness with the level of taxation. Yeah wow he also had the foresight to buy a new set of tires for his truck to avoid breaking down while transporting. The explosives rescue workers searching through the rubble of the school. Found some five hundred pounds of explosives in the south wing. That had failed to detonate ki-ho had intended to destroy the entire school so the search was halted to allow michigan state police to disarm the devices. They found that an alarm clock had been set to go off at eight forty five. Am and they thought that maybe the initial explosion had somehow caused a short circuit in the second set of bombs.

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