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Go still no word yet on onery caspi with a sprained right ankle and then the guys that are out for sure steph curry mc l spring kevin durant that right rib injury draymond got flu like symptoms in addition to the pelvic contusion and klay thompson still out with that fractured right thumb although it sounds like clay is getting much much closer for utah raoul nitto has got a left wrist fracture sefolosha had right knee surgery and tom bradley is in the concussion protocol they're all out kevin durant was asked about the differences with steph curry out of the lineup and he actually gave a pretty profound response us backhand stuff audrey and played in washington stephanus is the system says the divas championship so we look forward to having back that they definitely changed our team get us back on what we wanna do out there we have a system in place maximize everybody stress you to see if you guys out just a totally different daschle prouder everybody's trying to figure it out still working finally one more from steve kerr and he was asked whether or not curry in a miraculous situation could be ready for the first round he threw cold water on that right away there's no way we speak reevaluated in three weeks so yes so we got to be ready for to play without him and see how he's coming along which leads us to our x factor the game sponsored by extremely inex.

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