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Thursday november fifth. I'm kyle sour hoffer and years. Your local news from the los angeles times brought to you by audible. Today will be partly sunny and hot with a high around ninety one degrees and a lotta nine of sixty to our top story. California election results continue to pour in and for now a statewide ballot measure that would allow affirmative action programs to be reinstated in california was rejected by voters under proposition. Sixteen public universities would have been allowed to consider race sex color. Ethnicity or national origin to address diversity in admissions and other programs state and local governments would have also been allowed to consider those factors when hiring employees and awarding contracts proposition twenty-five which would have abolished california's cash bail system was rejected. By voters as well it would have replaced the use of money bail as a condition for getting out of jail while awaiting trial day lawmakers who sought to replace cash bail said. They would try again sometime in the future for more california election results go to la times dot com in business news. The los angeles city council voted yesterday to allow businesses to refuse to admit or serve patrons not wearing a face covering masks have been mandatory in the city. Since may and people have generally obeyed the mask mandate especially inside stores but businesses had been left with little recourse when customers weren't compliant. The order will automatically expire when the city's corona virus declaration of emergency is lifted in other news. La county officials arkansas allowing restaurants.

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