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Marco Rubio has introduced privacy legislation. Senator Ron Wyden is expected to introduced privacy legislation. All of these big tech companies spend a lot of money on lobbyists on Capitol Hill whose message are the lawmakers hearing. I mean is Facebook Google really speaking to them or are these messages from apple really having an impact. Well, Google and Facebook are certainly speaking to them in that they're going to their offices and making their pets. But I think that this drumbeat from everything that started with Cambridge politica. And came out over the last year, I think has really pushed as really pushed legislators. You want to act. It is important to see that that that Bill that you guys passed in California just in the middle of last year has made industry what to come here to congress and get a federal standard that can preempt some of those state laws. So in some ways, they are hearing Facebook and Google because they want to move something forward that can create a federal standard. But of course, would make it. So that California when it comes into effect at the beginning of next year might not have the teeth that Facebook and Google are really the most worried about now one of the things ten cook mentions is that it's not too late to do this. That said, you know, finding something that Republicans and Democrats agree on you know, has very lucid over the last couple years. I mean, how how far out could some sort of agreement some sort of legislation actually be if such a thing happens. Yeah. Absolutely. I think that we're looking at text of legislation maybe March or April, the senators themselves has suggested that it's a little sooner. But my sources think that it's a little bit. Farther out, and then you start and you go through the committee process. You may be actually have to go through to committee processes in this particular issue, you have two houses of congress that you have to go to it can take a while. But if you're really committed to doing something, you very often have to do it in the first year of congress because you're going to get into a presidential election year. That's going to suck up a lot of the oxygen around around Washington by the end of next year. So you do kind of have to move quickly at Bank, and we can currently think of a few issues that are sucking up the oxygen in Washington at this very moment in the middle of the government shutdown. Bloomberg's Brody Elster bar in Cuba. Still had glass.

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