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If you're listening to the recording later, you can always contact us off at boys alive and find out when the next event is. Thanks for being here. I know you're going to love this conversation. As our guest today has said most of us know what consent means but knowing what it means does not necessarily guarantee that we or our boys will actually be prepared in the moment. I'm sure you can recall Jen some dating that's maybe gone sideways or a conversation with a friend that may have gotten difficult or sexual interactions that well. It didn't quite feel like an assault how long did feel uncomfortable and in hindsight may not have felt consensual. It takes incredibly strong interpersonal skills to navigate these scenarios in the moment. And that's for adults. Imagine how challenging it can be for your boys to effectively ask specific questions set. And keep boundaries check in and handle rejection gracefully. I'm still working on that one Our Guest today. Sorry Casper is a master at teaching the skills that you and your boys need before the stakes are high. Welcome saara you so much for having me. I'm thrilled to be here. You know, you came to teaching about consent from a very different angle. Probably no one else in the world has quite entered the consent doorway the way you could have so I would love to hear more about that. Yes. I entered a consent education through acrobatics. Okay, if you all just made a little face in what huh? So did I so did Janet I am a practitioner of yoga or partnered acrobatics and in this practice because instead of using an apparatus like trapeze or aerial silks we're using our bodies there has to be a lot of communication about our bodies about our comfort levels about what we want to explore where our limits are what we maybe want to work towards now going out of a trick if it doesn't work and I started to realize that the conversations I was having in life. I actually of the classes were more or less the same conversations that happened in the bedroom and I started to think about how if this is dead. Generalizable when you think about skills as being generalizable started to wonder where else does this come up cuz it's already in two places. And so since my background is in Psychology pacifically teaching social emotional skills to kids. I wondered if there was a way I could take what I learned about touching communication from this completely non-sexual practice and start to teach kids how to navigate touch both just regular everyday platonic or familial touch and then eventually off generalize those skills as they get older too sexual touch. I love that this came from your involvement in I'm going to call it a sport because it very much is an awful..

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