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You're welcome. This was needed. Because first i well it was bullshit what happened. We got fucking bamboozled and we got railroaded as a podcast because if you recall around the all star break because we were making all star pushes for for certain individuals. We had yazdani grondahl on the podcast that day. He hit two homers tax. That's the starting nine rub. He got hurt after that never was like. Oh it's just starting on curse no you know then we add kyle schwarzer on the podcast. Who is in the middle of his hardest hitting streak of all time What do you do that day. Douse homer fucking homer. And his first at bat first pitch. I believe and then he got hurt aggressive. Not responsible for that. Now was after the homer that he hit on the day. He came on the podcast. Yes then we have. Cody bellinger on the podcasts. He proceeds to hit home. Runs back to back games over the weekend for the doors. So the rob's real the it's been real. It is very real. That's what you can we tell you you wanna get blended up. Come on yonder come holler boys. You want to go on a little hot streak. I mean you want you want to jump ship. Basically guaranteed that day like feel free to just hit us on the hip. You know what i'm saying. Boys we can make sure is. The proof is in the pudding. We've been doing this for seventeen. Eighteen nineteen twenty. This is our fifth season. Wow we got we got renewed for fifty is in and here we are just rubbing down. The boys just share which looked up getting to the plate telling us slab just a nice a nice show slob ios slob. And i don't know where to there are a lot of birdie big storylines. There's a. there's a lot going on in the world of baseball. Yeah if like just and like altogether all at once like some long term things that we can talk about. There are some short term things that we can talk about their. I don't know. I wish that we had a fuck in like the wheel. Not the wheel of fortune. What's the other one. What's the Prices right wheel okay. Yeah wish we had one of those that we could spin on a topic. Can we kinda just freestyle it Maybe because Doctor claw can only really communicate electronically. Maybe we ask dr clawlike. Hey you throw your like those freestyle rappers. Where they're free styling. And then someone will just hold up an index card. And then they'll just start rapping about that. And then the another one they can start rapping about that. I feel like doctor. Claw held up an index card to tell us. Hey we're free style in this podcast because there's so many different things that we could talk about the top. I would love to have to do that did he. Just flash no. He didn't. That's ail east that doesn't see least doesn't the alias. East no no. He doesn't know. I must have misread that. I don't think so what's he got. He's he's reaching for some for some no paper here. I've never seen dr klaus handwriting before. I don't know i feel i feel like he's probably got its it's grotesque. Is it yes. I was gonna say. It could be feminine. No it's it's poor is a barely legible. It's poor poor. His handwriting looks like what it would be if somebody wrote out what you were reading. Okay all right. The mets collapsed. Oh god and the rise of the phillies is where dr qila. Oh has instructed top of this podcast to go this. This was amazing. Not not only. I mean is it okay. Is it street. Legal to just fast forward through the first two games can we. I mean just like what bills when the bills win or we do that. Wait before we do that. Then you say the mets. We're gonna win two out of three. You say that i didn't say that i think you said that did i. I think you said that. I think he said that. Yeah no i i think. There's probably some serious edited going on. If you go back and listen to that. I was there. You probably hear something to the effect of stroman on the first game. And then taiwan walker on that like back in you probably hear something like that get thrown so i kind of undersold i said phillies. Two out of three. You said metsu out of three phillies swept this series. They did and handily. It never never really were challenged in this whatsoever but right now what we're looking at here. Is that the mets. The mets are in third place. Oh we're at first burst here. I mean mets fans. Don't turn off the podcast. This is. This is not an attorney. Not trolling no. We're not it's more. Just hey we're going to get to the red sox later we're going to get to the elliott. I'm gonna shit on myself just as much to talk about. How bad things are for the mets right now. but the mets. This was july thirty first. That was like a a little bit more than a week ago. They were four games up after they walked off the reds on july. Thirty first so going into play on august today is august ninth going into play on august. First they were four games up in first place and now there are two and a half back in third place that is a swing a slide. They would.

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