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A story that first appeared in the moonbat globe john henry's newspaper which deep detailed or showed allegedly that school district officials allegedly did not handled properly complaints from a former fifteen year old student who said she was sexually assaulted during a football game nearly five years ago in november two thousand thirteen so according to the globe article they say they claim backing up the students family's lawsuit that the school dismissed her complaints mishandled or complaints didn't take her complaints seriously enough and so they are now launched in a federal lawsuit the globe is backing the student in her federal lawsuit along with their family and so the students are very upset about this even though according to the school the sudbury police was notified they conducted an investigation they don't believe there were grounds for charges to be filed school officials apparently investigated the the allegations they thought there were no grounds for charges to be filed and employees tied to the federal government regarding title nine which prevents sexual discrimination against women against girls they also investigated and thought there weren't grounds for for charges to be filed so even though multiple people looked into this and then think this warranted indictments or charges it doesn't matter they want to protest something that happened over five years ago apparently was out of football game near the student bleachers where this girl claims that two boys sexually took advantage of her and assaulted her she's now in a as i said in a legal suit she claims that she has text messages from these two boys admitting what they did and asking her for forgiveness and for her silence so the lawsuit proceeds now whatever you think of this story whether you think the girl was wronged by the school whether you think she's wrong to be pushing a lawsuit whatever you think about this story i'm asking myself an obvious question why are students protesting why is the superintendent of the school bella wonk telling the students they have a right to protest allegedly under freedom of assembly you have our teachers that are encouraging the students to walk out you have english teachers who are encouraging these students to walk out and i'm looking at this and i'm saying hold on if there was a sexual assault that took place nearly five years ago and if there was a miscarriage.

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