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By marcel. Able to pull it out. Pros it over ryan blocked house. That is brendan burke on. Msg plus polat the game when one thirteen into the play. The coach of the rangers. David is sitting there talking to people on the bench. Next thing you know. He takes kreider off the ice. Because we're in the midst of one of those f. Kreider doldrums things like where is he. What's he doing he's mia. Meanwhile the rest of playing pretty well and if he were playing like you were earlier in the season i think. They'd be unstoppable but they put filipino out there and he he turns the puck over immediately and it ends up in the back of the net so not a good move by the coach. Long the islanders. Yeah okay avenues to get one points now within four points of boston for the fourth and final playoff spot in the east. The bruins did choir taylor hall from the sabers. Pittsburgh who beat the devil's five to acquires. Jeff carter from the kings and the maple leafs go out and get themselves nick felino from the blue jam former titans running back. Eddie george the new head coach at tennessee state and some love for women's college softball is north texas. Beat arkansas pine bluff three. Nothing hope trautwein three perfect game. Twenty one twenty-one down twenty one strikeouts our is the sports minute boomer wa. I did not do the sportsman on today. Wow no kidding. I miss your. That is a hell of an effort and strikeouts first time it's ever been done in. Nc double a division one softball. Anyone strikeout dick. Yes you on this. I don't know. I wonder what it was like when she got the twenty knowing that you need one more in what that was like. Look it in like What's his name. The padres right. Maas grove right each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg naughty boomer and geo as don't feel like it's intentional if you listen to some of the quotes after the game just like we're sick getting hit. I don't know if they're really throwing out. It's or not. We're just sick of getting ahead. So what we do about it. Well i guess we just keep beating them which is what they've done most of the time over the last couple of years. That's what they've done. So i know no one wants to get hit with a baseball but i really do believe there's been most of these are inadvertent in the yankees have had problems with this raise lineup. They've promised to raise period. They want to pitch inside. And sometimes this is going to happen but just the games and stop bitching about it. Because that's basically has been the story the about it never win. But who's bitching about it. Well i think they're bitch about just simply because the writers are asking about it and everybody just assuming that this is like some sort of long-simmering feud which it is because the rays have been a pain in the ass to the To the yankees and the yankees to own the raise like they own the orioles. Yeah and that has changed over the last few years so i totally understand why the yankees may be trying to be pitching inside and all that stuff. But you don't wanna hit guys. I mean and by the way yankees were being thrown out to if he asked me. Yeah i mean if you look at the number of hit by pitches in the last whatever it is how many gives me to eighteen. But how about just barely missed by pitches. There's that too. Yeah i mean so. I don't know what it is. It's a heated rivalry and you have one team. That has a fraction of the salary of the other team. Which makes it even that more. I say barazenka..

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