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The end of the show. Everybody in that means as we need to shout out our Benevolent Council of Elders. Gal Selma starting with Brad D Dylan be Danny peace deal breaker and Spencer Cask Brew a Group oop Elite Frost Wind dwarves that oath Gar sent on an ultra secret covert mission to buy a birthday gift. Nearly died in the process did did manage to secure Alanis scented candle and some bombs mission accomplished beard. Man Dan Adam are Danielle. The Dastardly Dame mm-hmm Olu card and Michelle. Oh Apple grumblers personal cheerleading squad. They travel with her to every mud boarding competition across Bohemia and are currently imposing disadvantage disadvantage on a bunch of giants by booing loudly and tossing their beer cans at them how frost back multiple for Jordan Dj. Jeffrey asked cutter. W A group of Cracow. GALS brewers who recently invented a creek. Water Soda Called Creek Cola. It's not suitable for children or nursing mothers. If you drink more than three a day you'll die. Naturally it's already sold out Schubert. The Mushroom Elena. See mixologist Michael. McKee and bound Laura's boy a militia of mushroom folk led by Schubert who boys Joe's milk supply with their spores. If all goes according to plan it will be the first time in army has been defeated due to simultaneous diarrhea. Fingers crossed just an eye. Jacob See Elena M Josh Stritch and Dana G the tasks team of personal. Shell Wax Irs. It's thanks thanks to this demonic pit crew that dinosaurs Shell is now impenetrable magic and also why it smells like Pena Colada Air Freshener Yum damn yell are mark destined see Jibe G. and earl and Kathleen l four students. Who Maverick brought to the Battle of Frost win on a school field trip? He promised them an A.. For this semester if they don't die Sergio Salazar Salomon Sucker is day quantity Michael L.. Tralee the crave fe and jewelry S.. Four normal adult humans wearing an extremely along trenchcoat currently on a date with a giant. It's actually going really well. The giant just asked if they wanted to come back to her place and the humans are not sure how to proceed. Need Okay. Great I M H Ryan Aaron G Jake L. and Zach see a flock of Murph Oak druids who use control control water to part the water drowning. Their Murph Oke enemies in suffocating. Air Big Buck Richard X Machen. Uh Sam L.. Try mixie engaged. Jam A team of insurance agents who is dealing with a torrent of incoming calls.

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