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In the F C East. We've been talking about it myself. Sachtleben Jodie Mack have been re captain Brown's and Chiefs. Let's get one final report from Darren Smith, who is in a very elated Arrowhead Stadium. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Here in Kansas City Chiefs were able to pull it out at the very end. 33 29 Baker Mayfield did come into the ball game looking to try to distill. You know the rumors that the Brown could win in Kansas City? That rumors still persist because they weren't able to do it. But the chief look man, they escape with the win by the hair of the chimney Chin chin. They moved to wanna know Patrick Mahomes had a great game. 33 touchdown passes to to Travis Kelsey 12 terrorists. Of course, he often had a touch down on the ground as well. Chris Jones led the way with the defense with two sacks. Uh, in in today's ballgame, so Kansas City did what they needed to do and deal with. They need to do when it mattered most when they were able to, uh, after they had a 75 yard touchdown pass. From Patrick to Tyreek. They were able to get get the Browns of four and out. And then after that, they came back and scored the touchdown. Pass the Travis Kelsey chief come out of this ballgame. Moving one and, Oh, what a 33 29 win over the Cleveland brag. There's Darrin Smith as the Kansas City Chiefs do what they've been accustomed to the last few years win games. But at times throughout the games, you wonder if they're going to lose the game and they find a way to pull it out at the end. Fantasy Wise, always Kansas City is a play Mahomes 27 36 337 Yards, three touchdowns. Through the air and also had one on the ground. So four total. And how about the day Tyreek Hill had 11 receptions 197 at the long of 75 for the score, and Travis Kelsey. He always shows up in the Red Zone. Six for 76 2 receiving touchdowns. We'll take our final break of the day I on football. The eight hour marathon is coming to a close or recap the day that was, and also there's still one more game left on this Sunday. It's the Bears and the Rams. I'm Zach GLP is Jodi. Mac. We recap it when.

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