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Heard really scary things about psychedelics. That from the show how to change your mind now a UC Berkeley program will train and certify psychedelic guides, so who's eligible? So these can be current chaplains or clinicians. They can be future chaplains and clinicians who are in training. Tina trujillo serves as faculty director of the certificate program at UC Berkeley center for the science of psychedelics. And it's going to offer them an opportunity to have legal psychedelic experiences in research settings. UC Santa Cruz professor Benjamin breen specializes in the history of drugs. One of the main problems is that on the nationwide level, they're still classified substances like psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, are classified as highly dangerous drugs which are illegal. So that's really the big barrier. 24 people will be chosen for the 9 month certification program, Jennifer Hodges case CBS. A world renowned jazz musician from the Bay Area was killed last Thursday after his vehicle got stuck on caltrain tracks in burling game and it was struck by both north and southbound trains. Case CBS Jeffrey shout reports family and friends are remembering him as an immensely talented musician and a kind human being. To jazz lovers, the name Andrew may be a familiar one. It was one of the finest alto players in the world. Steve Mark and Hagen was a close friend of the alto sax player who performed gigs all around the Bay Area and appeared on several jazz recordings. Beyond his really stellar Alta sex play, he was a connector of people taught at San Francisco state for many years. Pork and Hagen says spate was a leader. He was the glue in many ways for a lot of jazz players, but something that really showed who he was is that when COVID hit, he converted his house into a jazz club. I don't know if anybody else who did that. And he had many of the best players in the world flowing through and Andrew spent died after his vehicle became stuck on the caltrain tracks in burlingame and was hit by both north and southbound trains he was only 58. Jeffrey schaub, case CBS. A forty-niners win tempered by a significant injury will have sports in just 60 seconds. Mornings were made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis or

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