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Three men were killed, 1/4 rushed to the hospital following a shooting in North ST Louis. It happened in a residential neighborhood north of Interstate 17 year. Good fellow, the 5500 block of Foy police Major Merry War, Nicky says. The bodies were spread out with evidence of bullets fired all around is all outside As faras. We can tell. We have a large number of ballistic pieces of evidence that are on the scene will have to sort through. And we're really trying to put this pieces together here. Hopefully we can get somebody to cooperate and tell us what happened. Nikki says they don't know what led up to the shooting or how it unfolded but says one of the dead men was found inside a crashed car. It's possible, she says Shots had been fired from that moving car. Kevin Colleen Luis's news radio came away. Police could not provide the names of any of the victims. At the time of the news conference. Meantime, ST Louis Police officers Association president, Officer Jay Schroeder says something has changed. It's just Lawlessness everywhere. I mean, there's people running around with especially downtown. They're running around with hanging with guns hanging out of the car. I think officers are on the traffic stop the other night. And they've fired like 60 rounds at the policeman while they were on a traffic stop. Schroeder is hoping the Missouri Legislature in special session will do away with the city's residency requirement to help the department feel about 130 vacancies. He says he would also quote take any help. We can get If the city would request help from federal law enforcement. The man found shot to death in a fluorescent garage has been identified. Police say 28 year old Evan Williams had been shot multiple times He was found in a still running car inside an open garage on Bayberry Lane. Officers tried CPR until EMS crews arrived. No word yet on who shot Williams or why Flores and police are asking you to call if you have any information. Sunshine with intervals of clouds on Thursday. Couple of showers and thunderstorms possible with a high 83 mad look. Stegman came Alexe news. This is our American stories,.

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