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Just google georgia o'keefe's not educational. You know we're teaching you about human anatomy and we're also teaching you about art history so right yup. Yep says he worthwhile we we. We can do things. We're smart not like everybody says a so. This wouldn't like we talked about was designed to be a typical agatha christie murder mystery set on space layer. And if it wasn't that obvious enough. There's actually a shot of professor lasky reading a copy of agatha christie's murder on the orient express. Yep so just to just to make even more obvious. Roy moore on the nose right. Something i thought was interesting. Is that at the end of the first episode part nine of the trial attorney lord. The pitch that mel body langford screens at at the end of the cliffhanger was supposedly made on purpose to match that of the closing theme sting. You know where they go and they cut to. The credit sound would blend seamlessly. Yeah the screen just flows right into the that that sting. It's an interesting idea. But you know one of the things i want to talk about when we get to mel. She screams way too much in this story. I notice she also screams way too much time of the ronnie the. What are the to win the. What's the common factor here pip and jane baker. James saying they really like to make bonnie lifers screen. But i wish they wouldn't do that so much but as it turns out so speaking pip and jane baker. They claim that the production team while they were making the sh the cereal. They thought that janet was the killer because she had the best access on the ship. She go just about anywhere in. According to jane baker there apparently was a betting group on who was the murderer. Apparently they even the production crew. No so i thought that's kind of interesting. Assuming they weren't betting on their own story the actors do because they had access to the script the only got it in chunks for their character. But i think it's kind of interesting so that had mentioned it the other trivia. That didn't mentioned you mentioned the professor alaska. Yeah the paradise five. You mentioned that there was another story that had been submitted that that this replace called attack from the mind that was supposed to be said on the planet penelope where the natives doorplate. Yeah there is home to a native. The natives are apparently extremely beautiful but weak and they're suffering attacks from these rat like creatures called the originally called fred's later renamed them trikes But it turns out that actually the natives are driving the fred's select trikes insane using collusive nations and feeding off of the madness interesting. Yes a for the really interesting. Because i actually have platinum fred. Yeah i've i've had it. It's it's It's a rhododendron. Reject curbing listless parrot. Apparently say where did not did. Not care for the premise. So it got rejected..

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