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When now need to stop dates? Um, no, they'll always be there to help with You out? Well, I suppose that I should be known something else like my lactose intolerance. Why is it must dairy disagree with me? So savage them Geico Great service without all the drama. Welcome back everybody to the money matters. Shall we got Stephanie and Dylan myself being today to bring you the money by the show Davis, California taking care of his grandchildren He loves doing that he does. It's good. It's the one thing that puts a smile on his face. Yes. Even with their big feeling. Yeah, that's it, And he doesn't really that if you think about it, that's his vacations other than the Grand Canyon. He goes to see the kids all the time. He doesn't know what whatever whatever makes him happy. It's great. I'm glad to get some time and done some things. Yeah, so back to Apple. What we were talking about before the break. Um yeah. Epic games, which is fortnite, which a lot of people know as that really popular game from last year's. They got in They got into, uh, into little at odds with Apple, because a lot of their revenue comes from pretty much all that revenue comes from in app purchases and in game they're called V bucks, which is how you you got to purchase that with real money, and then you can purchase things in fortnite like suits and all this other stuff. With V bucks. And I guess Apple was taking a big chunk out of it. They take about 15 to 30% of in app purchases, and that's I mean, they made $64 billion off that last year alone. So it's a big thing for Apple, and now they can't They can't force people to Stay with the in app purchases like Fortnite can have a link in their app on the phone and you'll go to like their website or something. So they get more than money themselves and applicant. Take the big chunk out of it. So his big loss for Apple. They actually won nine out of 10 counts, but they were found guilty in the to engage in anti competitive conduct under the California law. So that's the one that they had, and that's why they have to. Loosen up the rules on the in app purchases, and the results of that Apple is down like 3% on Friday. Yep. Figures. I buy apple and then look what happens. Yeah, it's not playing Fortnite. She loves the game and then a firm. We talked about a firm last week and that some people would affirm is, though, what? We talked about it last week, so that's what they were going to partner with Amazon, So it's kind of like a payment system. So, yeah, anything over $50 in the item, you can actually make it an installment. So it's like a layaway, but you get the item right away. Or you just Pay at a later date. Yeah, in full. You can either do installments or in full later so anyways, they were up 34% On Friday. They reported revenue. 261.8 million in the fourth quarter. Blue estimations. Yeah, it was insane. So I guess it is becoming more popular. But I mean, you got, like, you know, like square and PayPal also got into that They bought a square bought after pay for 29 billion and then you got PayPal. He brought up 80. For 2.7 billion, But did we ever find out what would happen if somebody didn't pair No. They check your credit and all of that. I don't know if you have to, like, if that's how they like. How do companies you know? Like Amazon? If they continue If they get hurt, you know, like, Oh, I'm going to make my first payment, get my goods and then not have to worry about him. Then the done that can't buy anything more. I know, but I wonder if there's a limit. I mean, Like for one, like a limit because of what minimum is $50, and then so for an item, and then how high that item would go because you could lose a lot of money. If you had a lot of people not paying it, they probably make 100 quarter. Okay? A quarter. Okay, But you take all the people you know, using Amazon actuaries. They figure one or two or 3% of the people aren't going to pay in the end this type of credit thing, and they actually go through that. So they, you know they're going to try it. Yeah. So what do you do? You buy it, And then you had just like layaway. Yes, but you get the item first. Okay. Big deal. Okay, so I buy $1000 t. V and then I don't pay for it. Probably. Why don't you read it? That's what I'm saying. If you have to put like you're so if you have to put all that information that you probably do. There has to be something like that. That's what I was asking. Yes, you have to. You don't yell at me. Understand what? I'm shutting your credit card If you put your credit card on file and then your credit card, good stand. I mean, if you end up closing it or so right? There's always touch with you. But if you have a credit, but I don't know, just put on the credit card and then pay it off next month. Well, you should, especially if you have a cash back, but a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck. Okay, then that would then should they really be buying stuff They know they should not affirm is making money off of this because they are offering installment. So they're lending the money so people can buy this stuff right? And then it's at a lower rate than the credit card. Yes. It's like a layaway. It is like a layaway, but you get your layaway. It's the opposite view. Exactly. So you're making payments up to it like a goal like it's a good way to teach kids. You know, we'll save your money that data and then But now it's like, no you can get it and then pay it back later. So I mean, people do live paycheck to paycheck. I can just see that, like, I don't know. I'd be like well I mean, I should probably pay my rent instead of paying that TV and I can only choose one. But that's what part of America is not learning that you have to buy what you need first, not what you want. That's deep tissue with America. Exactly. And we're getting people get into trouble now. It's okay. If you're going to buy something say, all right, I'll pay this off six months as long as you don't keep buying something every month. Saying I'll pay this off. And next thing you know, nothing ever gets paid off. Well, I'm going to do it The next time I buy something on Amazon. I'm just gonna thought you meant you're going to do. I'm going to buy something. Everything. Why would you want to pay interest if you don't just want to see how it works, Okay? Tell us how it works. I will be buying golf clubs for Kyle. Oh, my God. Don't go there this time. No Anyway, it's ridiculous. There. Moving on. Who wants to go first. I'll go first. We're already talking about crypto. Okay, This is tips for the table. The table? Yeah. Okay. Whatever. So, Yeah, we were talking about L. Salvador just made a Cryptocurrency. I mean Bitcoin, its main currency in the Country and pretty much big Bitcoin is the main one. And what we're saying is now at 45,000, roughly And it's actually still up 22% since the beginning of the year, But at one point it was up like back in April was up like 110%. You got to 64,000 which was the high The second biggest one is a theory in which is trading around 33 to 3900 in the last couple weeks, Uh, but Cryptocurrency is, in its sense. It's a digital and virtual currency that uses cryptography. For security. This feature makes it difficult to counterfeit. And many Cryptocurrencies are decentralized systems based on the Blockchain technology, and the big thing with crypto is the Blockchain. The Blockchain is a public ledger that records all.

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