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Deep left center. Forget about this long grand slam. Fernando tatis junior. He stared it off into the distance. Well beyond the three seventy nine and left center field. The padres take a six to two lead so funny watching the replay of dancing around third base. But that's what he did. The grand slam in the manny machado followed that up with a home run. Made it seven two. They wound up winning seven to three. That was wayne. Randazzo with the. Sean elise alan a great idea. We should have the chain for the show and we should sell it on the Wfan team store a big chain. Yeah today's after today's show save. Somebody's life i'd give you the chain but much like in this game you you don't get it for the game. You get it till the next great thing happened. So jerry saves the pilots life. We put on. Eddie had a great. You know timing on a drop. Then we'd have to give it to eddie. Gio did a something hilarious on the jets like the turnover chain every time. There's eternal yeah because it'd be tough to unseat jerry saving guys life but the next thing but not hit the grand slam movements later. He's gotta give that chain up for a solo machado home that to know by the way home. The the tattoos grand slam. I was for the game. S maybe what we do. Is we get the chain. At the end of the day we decide who got the chain for the day now. Let's talk till the next morning. I kind of like als idea of the next great thing you're hanging onto it for the next who's gonna determine what the great cities where in the chain. I think the person who has it on with the problem with that is i. Don't hear a lot of the show out there. So when i have the chain you gotta have to come. Tell me who gets chain. It's got to be a natural reaction so if everybody laughs at something chain. Yeah chance situation. It's changed situation. Yeah yeah let's get it made gotta made with real golden diamond golden diamonds. Okay medicine action tonight. They take on the cubs. David peterson facing jake arrieta. Hopefully the mets will have a few more arms available because yesterday the bullpen was short for louise. Ross we're probably looking at another time around as well but we didn't have castro the lugo loop. Yeah that's all they missing four guys in the bullpen We will see the cubs did win last night. They beat the cardinals on sunday night. Baseball to nothing Also there was one thing from the nfl. The levy unbelted you talking about that. We did not yet know..

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