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Writer and Basquiat specialist adria le bouvier says king pleasure is a chance for the public to see many works They win otherwise get to see I thought it was a wonderful display of just quantity when you're talking about Basquiat where 90% of the works are in private collection And most of those are in Europe La bouvier ads she wishes there were more opportunities for scholars to engage with Basquiat's work and his legacy During his lifetime his work was often snapped up by collectors as soon as it was completed How else are you going to see or have access to those works But there's also this imbalance of when there's not a lot of academic research or scholastic research are understanding of the artist is compromised What the show doesn't do is evoke the most troubling elements of Basquiat's biography including his heavy drug use And as a very young black man of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent he became a superstar in a mostly white high art world that frequently othered and belittled him even as the market value of his work skyrocketed His sister jeanine says the exhibition is a celebration of how much he did accomplish in such a short time He was very purposeful and he was very determined He said I will one day be famous and boy did he make that happen He was determined Tickets for Jean-Michel Basquiat king pleasure in New York are.

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