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I tried speaking publicly about this in led to a whole hullabaloo with some people because my introduction to this had been through some more sensationalist coverage of this. Some I hadn't read polygons article at the time. I had people talking about these boost as if I'd seen YouTubers and people talking about how it was right in your face and they were trying to get in there and it was a super grinding game. And my only response to that could could be my own personal experience, which was that while by the end of the game, I found myself largely because of the pace I need to play when I'm reviewing game is considerably faster than the pace that any sane and reasonable. Human being would ever play a game. I found myself near the end of the game, having points where Maya level felt not insufficient for the tax. You know, the tasks at hand, but certainly lower than I would like it to be. I attribute that to the fact that I had started just main lining main main story content in order to make sure that I could speak authority authoritatively in my review. So. To answer the first part of what I think is probably a much more complicated. A multi state question is in my experience, I have not found that in order to make this game a good time, you need to stumble over into office, you know, in game store and buy yourself an, you know, an e x p booster. I wasn't even really aware that that was a thing until Stephen pointed it out to me at the office one day because I was just in LA, LA review world going on my adventures, and I had not even, you know, engaged with as much of the because I knew that there was gonna be things where, hey, you can download swords or something like that, but I hadn't been entirely aware of the timesaver tab. I guess I had missed at the time Mitch, an entire tab of time savers and x. p. is only one of several boots. You can also buy materials to to craft things. There's a whole bunch of things you can buy. So it's not just the. Expos, right? So I guess my first the first thing say is for me, I did not find them necessary when readers have asked, I've said that you don't need them. I still stand by that. I think when you talk about time savers nowadays, though it's complicated so to the question of whether or not this means that the company designed it to sort of a screw over and send you towards that tab. I'm no fan of companies by any stretch of the imagination, but I also think there's a balance between mistrust and kind of positing conspiracy. Right. And I think I think, well, it is probably likely just by virtue of the fact that yes, video game companies. Any company wants to export you to a certain degree because that is what you are there for for them? Right in in many respects in the broad gross capital. View of it anyway is that there's probably there was probably discussion internally about exactly how to handle the rate of experience gain in hopefully. Right. And I think at least in my experience, this is the case they settled on something that felt sufficient, but also I'm sure there was a component of in there somewhere that was yeah, but also may be, people will do this, but but I don't think it's not the, it's not. It's not a Star Wars battlefront two situation where that stuff is built into your progression system where it is completely unavoidable where the actual mechanics of the thing there are are not even just gambling adjacent, but basically gambling, right..

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