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W bur. I'm Robin Young and I'm Peter wrote down. This is here And now, not long after the sun rose over the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona, the other day, a group of hikers set out on a mission. They marched up Iraqi hillside in PSA Worrell National Park, armed with metal bars and pick axes. They were volunteers, most in their sixties and seventies. And they were going to war against a tuft of brown yellow grass. Well, I got it. Sometimes you just go back and check Marcie shots is a Sonoran Desert Weed Wacker, her enemy and invasive species called Buffalo grass that's taken over this hillside and threatens to choke out native desert plants across the region. Shots, bends over and wax the base of it with a pick. It's tough work, and she shows me the bottom of the plan. She just ripped from the ground. You could see that the total RuPaul is comprised of just tons and tons and tons of these individual. Root ball, Huh? Huh? You gotta get all that really get it by the route. Very, very careful Shots has been sweating under the desert sun pulling buffalo grass for 13 years. It's sort of Thomas. I had a life and death thing. I think for this for the Sonoran Desert Random hiking has been ruined for me, because if I hike in an area that's never been clear than all I see is Buffalo grass, and it's just so discouraging. It's more than that Invasive Buffalo grass is also turning the Sonoran Desert into a tinderbox. This grass came from The plains of Africa, and it was brought over in the thirties. Julia Row has a pick ax in her hand to she's an expert on invasive species with Tucson's Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Was brought over because it's very drought resistant. And at the time we were having drought problems here and delight problems with overgrazing, and so the grass was brought in to try and and deal with that. Where was the grass put? I mean, it was It was down in the grasslands down in the lowlands, and it wasn't really until Probably the nineties that people started noticing it escaping up into the wildland areas. Okay,.

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