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I'm Robin young. I'm Jeremy Hobson. It's your. Coming up. President Trump tries to change the subject ahead of the midterm saying he'll end birthright citizenship with an executive order as he sends thousands of troops to the border to block migrants who are more than a month away. Also Recode CARA Swisher on what exactly Hillary Clinton said to her about whether she'll run for president in twenty twenty and former fed chair. Alan Greenspan says the US is in the midst of a long-term economic decline from you look out and the router or were slowing down rape of growth and productivity. Why fear these stories and the lessons of mister Rogers after a tragedy in his real life neighborhood coming up here now? The news is first. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. The office of Justice department special counsel, Robert Muller is raising concerns about allegations that women were offered money to falsely accused Moore of sexual harassment. It says the special counsel team learned of the allegations last week and immediately referred the matter to the FBI it's unclear if it's being handled by investigators who already work in Moore's office or if an outside office is investigating. Boston gangster James Whitey Bulger is dead. No word yet on how he died NPR confirms with the Federal Bureau of prisons at the eighty nine year old was found unresponsive at a prison in West Virginia. Only a day after he was transferred to the facility. The FBI is investigating Bolger was serving a life sentence for his two thousand thirteen conviction of a series of crimes, including eleven murders for sixteen years. He was on the FBI's most wanted list until he was arrested in two thousand eleven vigils continue in cities across this country this week in the wake of the Pittsburgh shooting in suburban Kansas City, more than thirteen hundred people turned out for gathering, supportive. Pittsburgh's Jewish community. Frank Morris have member station. Casey Wyan reports it has evoked painful memories for region. That has also experienced antisemitic violence a white supremacist killed three people at Jewish centers in overland park, Kansas four years ago. So Janie Hanzlick underway into the vigil says the Pittsburgh shooting hits home our.

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