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We get it and guys when you have a wire to wire first half. Michigan did not just offensively defensively to Michigan helped by the foul. Trouble earlier for doin' Morgan enroll meal Lankford, but how about this Morgan leave the hoosiers with ten points. But he's missed eight shots. He has not missed eight shots in a game this season, not the guy who shoots about ten tonight. That's a good one. I did not know that next fantastic stuff. Thanks, brian. Yeah. I mean, look as we said in the first that you're not gonna completely shut them out. Right. You're not shutting down length. You're not shutting down Morgan. You just gotta make it work. Why is vicious done a nice job of making them? What what's a law that? Well, certainly plant panel kitchen personnel. I mean, nor whether guys Tunis's is known what he likes to do a thought missing because they lose a lot of switching from time to time. I thought your defense was connected and every player new would guys tendencies log on this team. So I think that kind of set the tone. Ship stuff man really is. Defense dole stingy, so good. And so. So connected. And that's without remember just froze. Davis had foul trouble. So you keep him healthy. What more could you do all penalty with him? Yeah. You can only imagine also plan without Isaiah livers and. Yeah. Her us to the started his ballgame. And it stole saying about the first five minutes and Michigan and polls their wheeled, his horse, five minutes, maybe rollover and. Indiana starts the second half of the basketball left to right. They go to work for mortgage. Leopard post works against testy lowers that left shoulder now, spins baseline up and under reverse. Layup is good that's shot for July. Morgan who starts the second half. Give him a dozen. Here's the the luxury of Miskin has they can just leave. John. Let him guard him one on one Dublin all over the place Simpson inside for pool. Gordon side. Layup pools got fourteen forty six thirty one. Lankford between the circles left to right for Indiana draws a double d gives it up to Smith about organ at the dotted line of the paint leads had blocked by tests. Give a whistle in favor of IU. Only evidence. What I used as land is. Dividend Morgan and must play inside out basketball and his wall. Right. Ed test. Tunes geared defensive scheme, and maybe scratch down a little bit and make work thick that ball up. What would you do that? Well, I mean, I would first of all I described down, you know, just kind of get him out of a rhythm. He's a kind of a rhythm player down Baltic. Maybe it's one or two three dribbles before he powers it up is it's not real quick. So scratching down would be my first. Efforts. Second one for Morgan is long. Sporty six thirty two Michigan under I've been gone by here. The second half Simpson to pool with ski bras Davis at matchy. Simpson would rip through penetrates a kickout bras daycares for three in and out boarded by devante green? I wanna drive a layoff or Morgan the left-handed floors book pretty dish, Al d'oeuvres, but another foul against John test. That's his third. Austin Davis will play some Keegan it's here. John v live pucks Davis before he sends it in and Joan don't commit that. Third foul on need you big guys out there. Northern rattles sold the first data's in testy. Testy will sit with six points to three. As you just said Austin Navis is going to be asked to place in extended minutes here is more than capable of doing it. And. Thank his confidence. Level was going through the roof right now. Let's hope more than converts. The second is. Well, it's down to a twelve point Michigan league. Forty six thirty four wolverines ranked second in the nation. Simpson skips his way into the front court right to laugh about past finds Matthews left wing topside for Davis pitchesr bras Davis. And now the pool pool at the top for Davis to bras Davis. Penetrates backs it up backs his way in ops out of it gives it up to Simpson on the left wing Simpson around the screen from Davis left Cyprus data's.

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