Yemen, Alan Johnston, Shabwa discussed on Global News Podcast - Foreign observers say Kenya poll credible


Include agriculture food construction and domestic work dominic hush on it it's fair that dozens more african migrants drowned near the coast of yemen when people smugglers fulsome off a boat and into the sea it's the second such incident in the area in two days all middle east analyst alan johnston told us these reports coming to us from the united nations migration agency in yemen and it says this latest incident involved boat carrying about a hundred natshi migrants they were reportedly forced off the vessel into the waves by that people smugglers five bodies have been recovered but another fifty a believed to be missing and all this does sound horribly similar to those reports we had just a day ago as you said we had yesterday that more than a hundred somali and ethiopian migrants had been forced off a vessel off the yemeni coastal province of shabwa and survivors said that the smugglers seemed to take fright as they neared the coast than the smugglers saw what seemed to be perhaps a patrol boats approaching with extraordinary callousness the smugglers dissing to wanted ditch their human cargo in the sea and escape the c u n agency found 29 bodies that had been buried in shallow graves on a beach by survivors alan johnston south korea has urged the north korean authorities to stop all action which could further inflame tension on the peninsula after days of heightened rhetoric a presidential spokesman in seoul said the government was looking at all possible ways of resolving the crisis earlier an announcement was made on north korean state television.

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