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Pretty good crowd estimates of anywhere from excessive five hundred to two. Well i would say the thousands but perhaps over a thousand people according to a couple of mornings with gail listeners. Who were in attendance at yesterday at this Protest outside of the fort collins office of the larimer county health department to protest the concept of vaccine passports has got some photos and some video from our mornings with gail family members. Diane and bill and yes in case. You're wondering you remember. It was Last week that we talked with john clark about that huge truck that was parked on north college. That said no fascists and well. Let's just say it caused quite the stir and that truck is still there by the way but apparently according to this piece by molly bahaman despite the weather yesterday which was well of wintry as we have that wintry next of rain snow falling you had people coming from across colorado some even across state lines to voice their concerns. listen to about a dozen speakers Who shared their beliefs about the cove. Nineteen back seen public help. Mandates you had a state. Senators representatives and notable conservative names like dell big tree michelle malkin and kevin jenkins now many of the attendees. They had some pretty creative signs. I have to say but many of the attendees had signed saying we do not comply and fire. Tom gonzalez again. Tom gonzales over the laramie county health department or that critiqued folks. Dr aunt anthony found. She some disavowed. Fascism or compared a vaccine mandate to nazi germany. Now the protest was originally planned against the county's verified vaccine facility program that was announced alongside the county's most recent indoor mass mandate now that voluntary program. Which has been placed on hold for the immediate future allow businesses that required employees and customers to be vaccinated to ignore the basque mandate for indoor spaces. Rather we later found out that even though they jump through all the hoops in order to get that get that particular easement from the mandates that was not grandfathered in to the equation so even though they followed all of the mandates restrictions at least to my understanding while they weren't grandfathered in now the program was actually paid placed on pause following community outcry on october twenty. First just six days. After it was announced on october fifteenth. It was set to go into a fact just yesterday but once again as i mentioned on indefinite hold while the department takes in additional community feedback now. According to a county statement sent out on saturday thirty three businesses that already had their own vaccination mandates had been approved for the program but as mentioned they're going to have to now require at here now adhere to that required mask mandate now..

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