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Slight chance of showers over the mountains, and that'll probably bring temperatures back down to more normal levels around here 61 degrees right now and see if Warner Media is investigating reports of racism and employee miss treatment on the Ellen de generous show executive producers told employees last week they would be interviewed by 1/3 party about their experiences. This is, according to Variety magazine. The investigation comes on the heels of a Buzzfeed article alleging racism on the set time Now for the co Moh consumer tip of the day. It's brought to you by a wrist, appoint employee benefit consultants arrest appoint improving the benefits experience for employees and employers. Here's her Weiss bomb. Sometimes you need to see the doctor in person many times. You don't for things like follow ups in med checks, a virtual visit via video chat or telephone, Maybe just fine. It's a way of making it easier for the patient. It's a way of making it efficient care for the duck. To carry out, so it seems to be a win win when used properly. Dr. John Schwartzberg is head of the editorial board at the UC Berkeley wellness letters. A lot of times patients don't need to come in to get advice or to get a perspective on what may be going on. So it saves the patient, the hassle of going to a doctor's office and, of course in the covert era. That's a big thing because it's not just a hassle. It's a concerned when you're going out, according to use a Today, medical groups and patient surveys suggest it for the most part Jewel visits are successful. In a recent survey of 30,000 patients who'd use telemedicine, 42% found it very effective and more than half 55% said it was safer than conventional medicine. More about this in the consumer section of Cuomo news dot com. Herb Weisbaum Co. Moh new Meet Ingrid.

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