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Twenty seven yards for the score go today they've created four turnovers let the four touchdowns and may lead maybe fifty two to ten fourteen thirty nine left in the game the sun setting now not just on Notre Dame whatever on the results of winning this game what started happening with the sun was still shining greatly yeah yeah technically going down even though since past the noon hour it's called for all the kick off the navy's offense will begin twenty five yard line some of the schools around the state ranks thirty five seven one three no issues at Wake Forest they needed help thirty one the George leaves off seven to nothing that's fourth ranked Georgia gets thirty late in the second quarter Texas drilling I was still ten seven cyclones up at halftime quick shot out to Michael how're operate for U. S. army as were honoring veterans and playing maybe today we talk about former navy seal Johnny grant battling back from injuries thank you to you for your service first it said navy dive play right up the middle for their own twenty five yard line Isaac relaunch the back up the third string three back in our spotter Dave their work a little bit some of these back up it's a story about second down seven navy offense Fortino three accounting left in the game long way to go trailing Notre Dame fifty two to ten also takes the pitch rolls out the his rights close to ten yards downfield at the feet of his intended receiver falls in completes for example some other stores of interest bring this up because it could affect eight three Minnesota twenty to three that has nothing to do with what state you or the built six that we put on the game multiple all rights scored twenty points a little over five minutes left in the second quarter of the battle before to Rosedale there down seven navy huddled up now in no hurry likely happy to let the seconds tick off we're inside of forty minutes left in the game now they come up to the line facing third down seven whistles blow timeout called take the first maybe one of the first team so all of the thirty second time out when the first team to offer me a college scholarship often the service academies we'll offer players first running the first on their list and they they would put down the other schools you don't want to play in the army too big of a target if you go to Air Force they're gonna put you in a double the double drops playing the come the navy will puts on the ship you'll see the world hi I could do that yeah sandy submarines a five star hotels it's not like the movies you see what every navy personnel and also like the movies you see did you consider it I really did my father got his acceptance letter you got the letter from the center to go to west point both of my grandfathers served one marked day Wilcox served in the navy clearance here served in the army fine decision by you though to play for the Irish out well I even went to the ROTC office here the navy are to see also said Hey to sign up to go to lunch give this football thing a couple years Olson under center for navy now third down and seven full back give Jordan shed more heat with the tackle bill the field at the thirty five on Isaac Ross one of the fullbacks and he picks up six it'll be fourth down in a little bit less than the yard looks like maybe right back on the ball quarterback sneak there it is and it looks like Olsen did get just enough yes he did for the navy first down thirteen thirty accounting left in the game it's been all daughter name from the start the first time in the last six games they took the opening possession went down and scored that was the start of the book.

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