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Actor that built it, and you can tour that can tell us who that is, Um, William Gillette. Okay, so they were okay. All right, so he was really kind of an eccentric fellow. He actually had a train that went around this state park. That's no it like compounds. And goes around their lake. But it's really check that I have not been well have won more. But Ryan, Rocky, next surprise, it really did. But from where we are right here, you know, having acid state Park is just a couple miles to ourself. Where only I don't know. I mean, Peggy would be maybe 15 minutes or so to rocking that maybe 20 minutes or so, I guess, Rocky neck. I'm not sure how far it is from here. But you've got Ocean Beach, which is not the one that's in new London. Yeah, and that was opened this summer. And then, of course. Just beyond that. You have some of the Rhode Island beaches that are beautiful. So that's the question. We'll ask both of, you know, one of things that were asked, you know, and I know we were talking about this affair, and I'd like you to talk to the country about it when you think of terrorism to the Northeast. All right, you know, Mane offers that rugged outdoor experience people understand what that may be. Massachusetts. You've got Boston You've got Cape Cod got Martha's Vineyard I Old Sturbridge or or Plymouth Historic. Ah, Rhode Island, very charming or with voting with Newport, right and Block Island and.

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