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Tests. Cages turn. Any heart takes your lesson. Right now. I'm in. I'm in really place. I got married. No, I have things that are happening. Started working with a friend of mine owner. Publishing company starting to look up someone like I was. I was actually ready to deal with it. I took myself and I went to that program. I'll pay precepts. And the cash settlement. Andrea says it meant that we've battled only because I couldn't take it anymore. I know we would have one trial, but I'm I had to sit in go to deposition with Matt KENNY'S lawyers in the city attorney and go through my funds entire life. And I had to go relive a night that he had to go through questions upon questions than sitting there. Listening to all his friends talk about who he was and I was about to bright because it was too much. Me and my oldest Jordan are just now starting recap. Again, I do not talk my mother. I do not talk to my sister. This money has destroyed my family. Death is destroyed. Makes people get closer if not. It was a settlement of of three point, three, five million dollars. My lawyers took about one one point, three, five, a little over that. I have to fifty fifty with his father. It causes more grief than it did anything. I don't. The money is never been anything. I feel guilty about having and people thought that I was walking around with three million dollars in my pocket. And I, you know, death threats came again looked very scary. I don't really. I'm staying in Wisconsin. I'm trying to be California like, like I just want to be somewhere where nobody. I know Matt Kenny was given his job back on. He's close the in card, and you don't really hear much about my much anymore. Comes around the anniversary of of his best. Just this to me would be, of course. I believe net Kenny should be indited for him because he did was he murdered my. Fun, something very, very wrong. With having a man on the street that has taken people's live in is now back on the street. If I was to do the things I would be right now. Just because you're police officer, not give you the right. I was afraid and kill someone. I think that they need to have been tire revamp of these. The education logically period. He have to be held accountable for his extra, especially of. Because he's helped a higher standard. I don't think I'll get that. All I ever wanted was to be put out. It's been three years since I first met Andrea and her to keep an audio diary after Tony's death, Andrea's life and a life of three children have changed dramatically. The pain of losing a son brother, grandson nephew tore Andrea and her family apart. I asked Andrea if she would share her story because police shootings are much too common, but attention usually fades after the initial headlines. I asked her record herself with the hope that people could get more intimate understanding of what mothers and families go through. When someone they love, dies in police shooting for the life of the law. I'm so Sullivan. Death by police. A mother's diary was recorded by Andrea Irwin and produced by so Sullivan life. The law, senior producer, Tony. Again, in an I edited the story, Tony produce the story, music and production support by Andrea Hendrickson. Our social media editor is Rachel Caine. This month. We're launching a special campaign to raise ten thousand dollars to fund our productions through June thirty. The campaign is one hundred by one hundred and we hope you'll join ninety nine others by supporting life of the law with a one hundred dollars donation, go to our website. The support button is right there on our homepage. It's important just one hundred dollars to help cover the production costs of this episode, death by police, a mother's diary, and the next eight episodes of life of

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