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Alabama will take over first and ten at their own seventeen yard line there. I drive nine plays seventy yards for the touchdown to a ton of Iowa to thirty yards Damian Harris five carries for twenty nine yards and a touchdown. And Dale, and I are convinced he fumbled. And Mississippi State didn't get a replay. Out of the pistol Harrison, the backfield Damian Harris that is earth Smith motions towards the formation picks up rolling naked. Boot fires to Irv. Smith wide open on the far side at Smith. The big tight end show. Some wheels gets out to the thirty eight yard line. A gain of twenty one Irv Smith four crimson tide receivers that average more than seventeen yards for Gary it CJ Morgan who finally escorts him out of there is a player down Thompson on the far side for Mississippi State. Probably looks like he's gonna be okay. But I got distracted by Jonathan Abrams safety for Mississippi State, two hundred fifteen pounds senior number one on the team in tackles with sixty eight coming into the game as I'm sitting here watching what theme while he's looking at one of the Alabama wide receivers as as Irv Smith going for twenty yards. It's ridiculous sport timing. That's for sure. And after Damian. Harris again who came back for his senior campaign. He'll pick up four heart yards to the left side. Running behind Jody Williams that great left tackle from Folsom, California. Chauncey rivers brings him down gain a five actually by the time. They stopped this offense a wide. You know, we do games here. Every year. They lose guys to that hotel every year. Like, boy are they gonna replace him. Oh, there's another six six hundred twenty pound freshman or sophomore ready to pour a tongue of Iowa shotgun as Damien Harrison is right. Herb Smith, h back formation here fake, the counter now tug of Iowa going to be brought down behind the line of scrimmage was a QB keeper crashing in Braxton he`uaed along with Willie gates junior and that brings up third and six after a loss of one point took a long time to develop and allowed the edges for Mississippi State to crash down and get to down on the ground on third down. Alabama converted their only attempt to they'll need to get past their own forty eight. Jerry Judy in the slot. Right. The leading receiver for this crimson tide team. Henry rugs. Why did the near side? Single receiver left. On the via low of facing a blitz. They'll send five for Mississippi State via Loa pumped. What's now comes back to the far side, it's complete. Jalen Waddell, hall, sit in of the forty five Mississippi State along the boundary in front of Jamal. Peter's a gain of twelve and it's another first down for Alabama's. We're under seven in the first quarter. It's somewhat scary. How accurate is throwing the football field that touchdown pass was a thing of beauty here. Third down and about four five strike in there too. Nice little pattern pick up the first thing. That was even from a somewhat dirty pocket. He pumped at once and edit bullet back fakes the give the Josh Jacobs. Now dragging to the tight end Smith. Good coverage that time Mississippi State as they swapped them the ball came up, but it's going to be blown dead. Again. I don't think that one was a fumble. It gets to the forty two Cameron dancer gets their gain of three verbs Smith junior who's been busy today. His third catch. Stayed doing a nice job when they get more than one guy or the ball. The other guys come in fried script that ball loose defense. It really needs to force of turnovers here their offense or shorter field to work. Pistol set second at six the give to the right side is Josh pickups an Alabama continuing to run for big yards. They're averaging over five yards per carry that one eight for Josh Jacob before he's brought down by Montanez sweat. It's another Alabama. I down to the Mississippi State twenty eight yard line Mississippi State Roger defensive line game. We called it. Petr tackle up the field defensive van comes behind him that deeper the Bill was Gary green. He comes inside. That's exactly where Alabama was running the football Waddell and Judy. Why did the far side rugs nearside to backs in the backfield Tunga Bilo looks left? Now. He's gonna throw left looking for Jerry Judy on the better he is covered closely by CJ Morgan and that ball just sailed out in front of them. You don't see taco by Loa just missed like that very often. Well, let's remember that first of all the ball was he released it down around his waist. So what is best throwing motion. But Secondly, remember you stroll right into fairly brisk breeze here this afternoon and Tuscaloosa is feet were pointing towards the goalposts. And I think it was a late decision to go sideline to give the nausea. Harris is first Gary. Hey, spends away from Montana, sweat, but sweat hangs on with one hand and draws back with the other and stops them before the sticks. But a gain of eight for nausea, Harris, he'll get all the way to the twenty five yard line sets up thirty two for Alabama. They are two for two on third down. One hundred twenty one hundred thirty one yards to seven here in the first quarter for Alabama. Would there kicking struggles would be surprised if it's four down territory for Nick Sabin club? We'll see if they even need to think about that, nausea. Harris the back end of the pistol rather Josh Jacobs. He'll get it to the right side. And he breaks through the crowd Willie gate junior brings them down. Not before he gets two and a half yards and enough to get another Alabama. I doubt. Well, take a look at this offense of why we talk a lot about that. But they are so physical. We talked about pets alive for Mississippi State tests, sweat, you really haven't even known that. He's out of the field in jeopardy Simmons. The Bednarik semi is inside struggling against this offer to why relevant. I intend for Alabama tenth play of the drive coming up split backs in the backfield fake Dhananjay Harris now Tunga via low in trouble. He's going to run it from behind. It's going to be tackled brought down Jerry green gets on top of them. But a gain of ten per tonne of Iowa. Even when you force him to go to his last choice running the football. He is so hyper dangerous, it looks like he might have been stopped just before the sticks. Now, they'll move the chains on the sideline it'll be I attend Alabama. At the twelve of the BULLDOGS, he has such long strides doesn't look like he's moving very fast, but he takes two or three steps and he's got seven or eight yards. First and ten at the twelve in the red zone. The hand off Josh Jacobs. Going left Jacobs turns the corner lowers the shoulder and picks up the first down as he drops the hammer inside the five. That'll be another Alabama. I doubt it's first didn't goal. Mark MacLaurin on the receiving end of that hit. Now the six touchdown of the year was allowed on the opening drive against this Mississippi State defense in the red zone Jacobs going for the next he'll be stopped just shy of the sticks got back or just shy of the goal line. At the two yard line. It'll will be second and goal for Alabama MAURICE smitherman on the tackle impressive. Alabama can just go different basis. We got that high promote they can slow it down a baby too and their intermediate most of the time, but boy they can catch a top three minutes to go in the first quarter. Seventy nothing Alabama. Second goal out of the shotgun for viola Josh Jacobs next to Jerry, Judy motions towards the formation the hand up Jacob's Jacob steps inside two defenders. Did he get in touch down Alabama? Just another off tackle play reaches a ball out over the goal line. All you have to do is break the plane of the goal line, which he did. Scrape down the goal line. Mississippi State defense it only allowed nine touchdowns all season long. They're on pace to allow eight today. The extra point is up and good fourteen to nothing. Alabama leads Mississippi State more action on the way from Tuscaloosa next when we come back. John Rosty will give us a check of the scoreboard. You're listening to compass media networks your home for NCAA. Good ball. Autozone. Helping you get more done is.

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