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I guess information about ford prefect and the way he rolls yeah and it does whereas tala's i guess and it just becomes like owner reverence choice that is given import in a in a story that is like mocking things that we traditionally give him port legs so then if you're reading and you're like oh this is funny to me i can hang my head on this and like it becomes part of the reference to like oh you are also a fan of this now we are like we are nerds together we get the towel thing from right like if had legged all these lines for the book like describing like there's a there's a whole run wear the only the entry for earth in the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is harmless periods that salo foca and arthur is like well you've been on earth for fifteen years surely you of expanded this entry a little bit and for prefects like yeah my editor cut it down but it is still a lot longer than the original one and the injury has been revised to mostly harmless yep but being but ought to be a boom yup early he just didn't he just has a way of putting things that is that is the opposite of how you would normally constructive metaphor or acts our way into with the ah the ship's hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't go away.

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