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Yeah i don't i don't keep tabs of them but but last i had heard in about five six years ago yet a few gyms in in he was the man but lately we've been seeing them as a translator for the ultimate finding championship so just want to catch up with them see how that gigs going off forman see see how his transition dino from being an athlete to uh now you know the new endeavours in his life and the ones we were familiar with in the past whilst catch up with paul felder who's fighting a you see uh to 23 in brooklyn new york versus ally a quinta they were gonna do that dance back in december of two thousand seventeen in detroit and it got postponing now uh now the fight goes down uh barring any injuries knock on wood i really love to see those two guys by in fact that one's going to be a tough one on the junkie uh junkie picks that we do because i really like both guys anger equally is talented it may actually come down to a flip of the coin and you know what i don't wanna here from anybody because i'm always in last place anyway so it's like you're hinging on my call of what i'm going to do the guy renounced silence a monotone last dance painted where'd you first like a couple of weeks ago now during this first and the the year last year but you also started off wellknown maybe like a week but i i saw you is how you you a tank and it's using mian fernanda mike bond kind of joins us from timetotime the happen to make bottom tier is in the middle mike bonner thinks doing on while i think i think i'm just beating one of the videographer now yeah and but yeah that one's is who foots i think man i'll make a comeback excited about that fight you know one guy can strike while while they both can strike just one that comes from striking martial art in the amman comes from uh a grappling martial art but the both you'll can pack of panch and now he's seen from belder are that uh he's you know he's he's pretty good on the ground to so we'll see how how that one on fold we still have some time to figure the.

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