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Here. Listen to this county jail US HDTV Los Angeles City, which I suggested was around 1872. But with our capacity building in the last couple weeks, we think go well north of 2000 beds just again. That's the alternative care site. Footprint. You've got the existing search plans within hospital systems that get you tens of thousands of additional beds all total. That is a direct response to your question. In terms of the immediate Staffing is the bigger issue. Physical less of an issue, though an issue depending on hospital again, he talks about does a totally different story. But in the aggregate the physical space Is less of an issue. It's an issue. It's less of an issue and staffing and staff. He remains our top power. That's why we highlighted a little bit of our staffing efforts today. But long winded. Don, so I'm sorry for being long waiting. We have plans. We're engaged with the hospital's directly on those efforts by system by provider, not just the hospital association. But with that, Let me just ask, perhaps more cogently. Dr Galley could also amplify and answer that question. And then I think this is an opportunity for Dr Galley as I turned over you for us to update some of those older plans so we can socialize What we've been talking privately. To our providers about Governor. Thank you. And thanks for the question out, sort of provide 33 tons of responses. First, a zit regards to travel and the impact of the regional state home orders and other things that you know, we always knew we were going into. Ah. Right..

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