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Guy i got elbowed by david west davisville called the foul imperative within david david west that attack david west who's on the freaking rampage last night in my man is having a good year he's cut to thirty thirty eight years old have you seen what has been unless my that's my man demag man get work get work uh oh uh you could get you out there road s just as best as his cousin given hard work out to success be mack i mean he work not waiting he said he cut you talk about the fitness who kid and sharing data right work i wrote a second loss what are you were what we had committed on say is all playing like a spring chicken using the chase he's in good shape is in plain keeping his minutes down you know he just gotta have a lotta energypoor opener you know fifteen minutes you know he can he can handle that right was getting us laws although he tried to look at trying to discover say now y i would wish was with inform it's enhancing audio how would i would ever in i i would never ever inject any was one you wanna talk about laurent again swiss listen i'm just say or weakening zone he's flying around the place man he is at a give like you said the bus definition tony slight task crazy gives you fight convicts that he cut a bunch of fat did you guys see the video last night of my best friend teas my guy really love them and i think he's not just a hall of famer but maybe be ten player of all time vince carded you see him last night the video of him dunkin' ious oh he musotto tweeted from his account with are you sir.

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