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With the first team. It didn't take long for mike tomlin to say. Listen calm yourselves down. This is because of the hall of fame game. Don't read too much into it. Of course people read too much into it. But still dan moore. Junior has been making news outside of the fact that he was running with the ones. How in blocking drills he got into it cam. Scuffles have already broken out with two players is ahah bugs. I wasn't surprised by that. Isaiah bugs in carlos. Davis got into a little fisticuffs on the sideline last season in baltimore. So i'm not surprised that bugs is someone that's a little bit testy. The second player though. Dan moore junior. Might wanna look in the mirror and say did i make a good life decision today. And that's cam hayward why anyone would want to test that ban that man. Because he is a man he is a strong man. I don't get it so dan more my new look himself and say dan. If you want to have a long career you might not want to poke the bear. Ask quinton nelson from two thousand eighteen when you see the bad end of cam. Hayward's encounter so but dan moore junior. The thing about this is when you did like the scouting reports on dan. more coming texas. A lot of people said that he was a finesse player. Didn't have the aggressive streak that he has a size. He has the skill set but he's a developmental prospect. If i'm dan moore and i'm reading these things oh my gosh it's getting a fire under me like you would not believe. And i'm ready to go out in a certain myself in front of the coaches and say i'm not going to be pushed around by anyone not bugs not to it not hayward not lulu not warmly. It doesn't matter who you put in front of me. They're going to get my best. I have no problem with that. If it went too far. Went too far it happens. I mean anyone. That's old enough to remember a young antonio brown who was a budding superstar literally getting into fights with i taylor almost every single training camp practice. It was almost every single practice. They were going toe to toe. The veteran i taylor the becoming star antonio brown and they were butting heads. It happens it happens it might tomonori says it. Iron sharpens iron. Dan more junior. I learned a lot about him in this very short time based on the fact that he showed he's not scared of anyone we'll see if it pans out because he's gonna get a lot of reps during that hall of fame game. The next is kendrick. Green kendrick green as as an interesting camp. He did start with this. Starting starters. he was not listed as a starter on the first depth chart. Don't read too much into add. The steelers rarely ever have a rookie as a starter on the depth chart although najji harris is the starter at running back kendrick. Green is going to get a lot of reps in that hall of fame game. He missed a day for personal reasons. I really want to see what the steelers think of him by how they utilize him and how he responds but kendrick green the fact. They're even saying he's going to start. 'cause do i need to remind everybody out there. Jc an our not proven bj finney not proven kendra green not proven as rookie. They're given the rookie. The first shot. I have no problem they said. Bj feeney's going to get the start in the hall of fame game and then kendra green. We're gonna work in nope kendrick. Greens getting the start. That's significant all right. The next offensive player pat fryer second round. Pick out a penn state. This kid has been turning heads so foreign training camp. He is his smooth route running his tremendous athleticism his ability to catch the football. Just on sunday those reporting random wonderful fade route cottage to- tapped in the back of the endzone. Summer saying travis kelsey. I think it's a little bit more of a rob gronkowski type. I don't think he's as athletic. Is travis kelsey but any time you're talking about that type of mold for a tight end. That's exciting is. Heath miller was great in heath miller was probably one of the greatest if not the greatest tight end in steelers history but heath miller was.

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